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5 best content ideas for TikTok (also: 15 sites to find free music for videos)

Email sent: Aug 23, 2021 9:00am
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Here's what's been going on in social media lately:

If you consider yourself to be up-to-date with the modern social media trends and platforms then you absolutely must be on TikTok! It's been the new home of every self-respecting online marketer out there. But here's the thing; what type of content actually works there? Can you record any random video and hope that it's going to kill it, or is it a bit more complicated? Find out in this trend analysis of ours, plus get 5 best content ideas that work on TikTok. 🧨

Did you know you can get leads from LinkedIn directly? No, this is not about hoping that people will reach out to you via the built-in DM tool. This is also not about people going to your profile, finding your site address and contacting you through there. What I'm talking about are LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms. Yes, LinkedIn provides us with some classic online marketing tools geared directly toward driving leads and converting them to business. Here's a beginner's guide to LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms. 📯

If you're serious about any form of video marketing then you know how important music is when putting together a quality video. Who would have guessed, it turns out that a video with no background audio isn't very appealing. Those pesky YouTubers have gotten this right after all! Anyway, here are 15 of the best sites to find free music for your videos. 📹
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