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8 TikTok statistics you need to know (also: how to get onto TikTok's "For You" page)

Email sent: Oct 4, 2021 6:03am
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How big is TikTok really? Is it more popular than Snapchat or Pinterest? What's the average age of users on TikTok? What's the most popular content category? We have the answers for you today! In this post, you'll learn 8 interesting tidbits of information about TikTok, the popularity of the platform, the demographics of the average TikTok user, plus how you can take all that data and learn from it when crafting your marketing campaign. Here are 8 TikTok statistics you need to know. 📈

Staying on the topic of TikTok. The “For You” page is the promised land of TikTok. It's where most users discover their next piece of content to consume and where they spend most of their time when on the platform. Get your content onto that page, and you're off to reaching the ultimate stardom on TikTok. Here are 5 ways to get your content featured on the "For You" page. ⭐

The messages module on LinkedIn seems like a straightforward enough thing. After all, we've seen direct messages in one form or another on literally every social media platform of today. However, LinkedIn Messages are a bit different, and they do deliver some unique features compared to what else is out there. Here are some creative ways to send LinkedIn messages and then manage your communications. 🗣️
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