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Everyone tells you not to ... but should you actually buy Instagram followers? 🤔

Email sent: Mar 12, 2020 5:57am
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Here's what's been going on in social media lately:

Okay, so here's the big question, should you or should you not buy Instagram followers? I know, I know - everyone tells you not to, but maybe there are some benefits after all? While you can't expect to get genuine interactions from bought followers, maybe there are other things you can gain. We wanted to find out, so we asked our friend, Raelene Morey, to get to the bottom of this and examine how effective it really is to buy your followers vs getting them the organic way. Here's what you should know about buying followers on Instagram - all the pros and cons explained.

LinkedIn has video now. As in, you can submit your original videos and use them to engage with potential partners, employers or employees. Although this sounds a bit like a gimmick, LinkedIn Video is actually becoming the go-to format for engaging potential business contacts. Learn what LinkedIn Video is all about and how to use it effectively.

Inbound marketing is kind of a catch-all phrase that not everyone understands entirely. While we're not going to get into defining what inbound marketing stands for, we're going to focus on the social media component of it. Specifically, here are four ways to boost your inbound marketing strategy with social media.
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