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How to use Instagram Story templates ✨ plus 15 best digital marketing tools 🧰

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Hey there,

It's Karol, from Revive.Social.

Here's what's been going on in social media lately:

Instagram Stories are the thing! Instagram TV, not so much, or at least not yet. But, Stories, yes! The only problem with them, or rather one of the problems, is keeping your stories consistent and of the same quality across time. Recording a simple story and sharing it takes only a couple of minutes, but are you really making the best use of your time that way? Some templates for Instagram Stories can help you out. Here's everything you need to know about Instagram Stories templates.

The world of social media marketing doesn't end with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While those are the platforms you should be present at, you should also take advantage of some side tools that will make your marketing efforts easier overall. We have a collection of 15 such tools for you. Social media tools, email tools, image processing tools, analytics tools, the lot!

Back to Instagram for one more minute. If you're wondering what types of images are the top performers on Instagram then you have a couple of choices. Puppies, cats, food, those are the obvious, but there's also one more type of image that's been doing really well in all niches. I'm talking about quotes. Motivational quotes, quotes by famous people, and so on. However, just putting some text on black background won't cut it. You need to be more creative. Here are some quote maker apps for Instagram that can help.
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