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It is too easy to focus on the negative. We need to focus on the positive and ignore the negative. 


It is too easy to focus on the negative. I feel we really have to train ourselves to focus on positive things and try to remove the negative. So today's post is going over a few things that made me happy this week.

  • I turned 50 this week. Turning 50 itself is probably something some people kind of dread. For me, I looked at it as a fresh start. My 40's were a rough decade for me physically. Injuries essentially ended my athletic careers in flag football, racquetball, and basketball. The fifties can't be worse than that right??
  • The gift from my daughter. Anna's first year in college away from us, obviously meant she couldn't be in town for my birthday. The pic on the left above is a framed picture she had made for me. That will be something I'll put up very soon. Every time I look at it I'll remember all the years we had together as coach and athlete and what success we both had.
  • Remembering Norm Macdonald. The comedian died from a long battle with cancer at 61. It was a time to look up his bits on Youtube and laugh. He's had a lot, but here is a quick one you might like. "This week marked the 5000th performance of the Broadway musical Cats. It also marked the 5000th time a man turned to his wife and said, what the he!! is this?!"
  • Grace made the team. Grace Jenkins was co-MVP of the sprinters this year for my track team. She was also nominated for Central Ohio Track Athlete of the Year. She was trying to walk-on to the track team where she is attending college at the University of Colorado. She texted me that her coach told her she made the team. SUCCESS! I have joked with her about sending me a Colorado track & field shirt to celebrate. She said my shirt was on the way and as you see in the right pic above, it arrived. Grace's story is a good one which I'm going to share with you next week.

Hope you guys had a few things happen this week that made you happy. And if you want us to help make your athlete happy, by building their confidence and making them a better athlete, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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