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Table of Contents

  1. College Scholarship Winners
  2. Happy Chemo
  3. Genetics
  4. Quilt Auction
  5. Relax Wines
  6. Health Tips
  7. Joke of the Month
  8. Quote of the Month

We are proud to announce the 2012 Save the Ta-tas Foundation Scholarship Contest winners. Save the Ta-tas Foundation and Amoena are honored to support their educational pursuits; we know these wonderful survivors will go on to great things and  make a better world. 

First Prize Winners
$500 Scholarship
Kara Luthi
Hillary Husband
Sarah Gailey
Becky Hartley
Second Prize Winner
$250 BookRenter Textbook Rental
Raeleen Whitt
Thrid Prize Winners
$50 Value Gift Package;
Nicole Langlois
Andrea Bashor


When I learned about a company called Happy Chemo I had to make a call to introduce myself and see what they were all about. The founder, Ginger answered the phone and she shared her story and her vision, I was transfixed by her serene, beautiful look at life and how she not only wanted to help people but that she intends to reach every cancer patient in America. Save the ta-tas became a network partner that week.

Here is Ginger’s story…

My journey with breast cancer began on one of the scariest days of the year – Halloween. I remember it clearly. I was 31 years old, the mother of 2 and 5 months pregnant. Yeah...Scary. To say I was shocked would be a understatement. I was young and healthy with no history of breast cancer in my family. I'm too young to have cancer... right?!!

Obviously cancer didn't care.

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Understanding genetics is beneficial in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment for hereditary diseases such as cancer. All living things inherit certain traits from their parents. For instance, if both parents are short, or “vertically challenged”, their offspring have a much higher chance of not playing on the basketball team.

Sadly no slam dunks in their future. Just as if both parents are highly intelligent and aesthetically gifted, such as mine for instance, then it’s likely that their first born, yours truly, will be too. See how genes work! These aspects can also work against you, as in the case of diseases and cancer.

Everything is based on statistics. Aside the multitude of oncologists that you meet when first diagnosed with breast cancer, there will likely be a Genetics Counselor in the mix as well. This is an important step in recognizing individualized risks of obtaining breast, ovarian or other cancers that can stem directly from relatives. They will likely explain the importance of the BRCA testing. The BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 are human genes that belong to a class called tumor suppressors. Mutations in the genes increase a woman’s risk of developing breast, ovarian or other cancers in her lifetime.
BRCA1 stands for “breast cancer susceptibility 1 or 2.” In normal cells, these two genes help ensure the stability of a cell’s genetic material (DNA) and help prevent uncontrollable cell growth. Mutated BRCA’s have been linked to hereditary breast and ovarian cancers.

If one person tests positive for carrying the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 mutated gene, they would have an 80% chance of developing ovarian or breast cancer later. It’s most informative to first have a BRCA gene test from someone who already is diagnosed with breast cancer. It can then be determined later whether any other family member should proceed on assessing the hereditary mutation risk. The BRCA gene test costs roughly $3500.00. Ouch! Yes, you read correctly. On top of that, most insurance providers do not cover this test. Sadly that is the case and we'll leave that discussion for another time.

The Save the Ta-tas Quilt Auction ends this October.

This may be your last chance to bid, there are only six quilts left! When you bid don't forget that the full amount of the purchase, less listing fees, will go to the Save the Ta-tas Foundation.

Your help empowers us to fund life saving research in the struggle against breast cancer so bid early and bid often!

Visit the Save the Ta-tas Quilt Auction

   In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, RELAX® Wines is working to beat breast cancer – and you can help!

Every time you share #RELAX4TaTas on Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest - or when you upload a photo on the RELAX Facebook page - we'll give $1 to Save the Ta-Tas Foundation, a non-profit organization that raises money for breast cancer research and awareness.

Help us promote breast cancer awareness by sharing your tweets, photos and pins with all of your friends in the social spaces. And check out our gallery to see photos from others who say, "Screw Cancer!"

Participants must be 21 years of age or older. Re-Tweets do not apply. By submitting your photo to RELAX wines, you agree that Schmitt Sohne, Inc. shall have the right to use your name and photo anywhere in the world, without your further consent and without further payment to you, for any and all purposes.

Health Tips of the month

CAR EXHAUST AND SOY: two ways for you to reduce your risk.

Minimize Car Exhaust
PAHs in vehicle exhaust are a breast cancer risk factor, particularly at certain vulnerable moments in life. Here's how to minimize your exposure.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (known as PAHs) are products of incineration found in air pollution, vehicle exhaust (particularly diesel), tobacco, smoke and grilled foods.

Exposures to PAHs, especially from vehicle exhaust and gasoline fumes, have been linked with increased incidence of breast cancer in both women and men.

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Eat Soy (But Not Too Much)
Natural plant-based estrogens in soy may provide healthy benefits in low doses, but may be a risk factor for breast cancer in higher doses.

Plant estrogens, also called phytoestrogens, are natural compounds found in many foods. There are two main groups: the isoflavones and the lignans. Isoflavones, which include genistein, are found in soy beans and are the most widely studied of the phytoestrogens. Lignans are found in flaxseed, cereals, fruits, and berries. Phytoestrogens are strikingly similar in chemical structure to the common estrogen estradiol and and can mimic many of the effects of the natural hormone.

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Joke of the Month

Quote of the Month


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