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Activating "The Secret" in Your Life

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Hello Friend,
Here is a short useful article I ran across by Jack Canfield of THE SECRET. It's
Jack's personal spin on how to use THE SECRET.  You may notice that it has a
few "extra" steps.
In addition, listen to a FANTASTIC interview with Jack and Alex Mandossian
about the Law of Attraction.  Jack gets into some detailed specifics about using
universal laws and how they helped him achieve his status in life.  Go here:
Hope you enjoy the files.  :)
Blessings -- Ron
Daily Disciplines for Effortless Success:
Six Steps for Activating "The Secret" in Your Life

by Jack Canfield

The first step to using Law of Attraction as presented in the movie
"The Secret" is to clarify exactly what you want.

Remember--determine, write down and talk about what you do want,
not what you don't want. Be as specific as possible. Once you have
clarified what you want, do the following each and every day.
1. Morning Intention, Visualization and Releasing
As soon as you wake up in the morning, take about 5 minutes to
focus your mind on your desires, goals and intentions. Start by
sitting in a comfortable position, closing your eyes and
visualizing your desires and goals as already being fulfilled.
Spend 30 seconds to a minute on each of your core desires and
goals. You can also take a few moments to visualize your day going
exactly as you would like it to.
When you do this, you will often find negative limiting beliefs
that are the result of negative programming from your childhood
will come up. You may hear thoughts like "I could never afford
that," "there's no way I'll ever get that," or "who am I kidding?"
coming up. If you do, use one of the many releasing techniques that
are available (see the list below) to release the negative thought.
Don't fight or argue with the thought; just release it. Remember to
also spend several moments feeling the feelings you would feel if
you had already manifested your desire in your life. The intensity
of the feeling is what fuels the intensity of the attraction.
Powerful releasing techniques:
The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin (
The Work by Byron Katie (
The Emotional Freedom Technique (
2. Use external images to keep you focused on your desires and
To keep yourself focused on what you want to manifest surround
yourself with visual images of the things and experiences you want
to attract into your life. There are many techniques you can use
for this.
1) Cut out pictures of the things you wish to own (like your ideal
car or home) and pictures that represent the experiences you want
to have (like the perfect relationship, your ideal job, perfect
health, being at your ideal weight, more joy, inner peace or
balance in your life)to remind yourself of how you want it to be.
Tape them up where you will see them every day--on the mirror, the
refrigerator, or your bulletin board. You can also scan them into
your computer and make them into a screen saver or a continuously
running PowerPoint program.
2) Combine your pictures and words that you cut out into a collage
on a large piece of poster board.
3) Make a Dream Book by putting the pictures into a 3-ring binder
pasted onto the pages or slid into plastic page protectors.
 When you look at any of these pictures, do what Bob Doyle, who is
featured in "The Secret" teaches-- think the thought, "THIS IS MINE

3. Think a Better Feeling Thought
Start paying attention to the many times during the day that you
have emotional responses (to other people, experiences, or your own
thoughts) that are not in alignment with having or producing your
desires. Pay special attention to when you feel disappointment,
resentment, frustration or anger about your experiences and
Remember, it's your feelings (which are created by your thoughts,
opinions, and beliefs) that are attracting your current
circumstances. You must make a vibrational shift by changing your
thoughts to ones that make you feel better (i.e., raise your
vibration). Remember that you must become a vibrational match for
the things and experiences that you want to attract into your life.
It is especially important to focus your thoughts and behaviors on
things that cause you to feel joy. Focus your thoughts on thoughts
that bring you joy (your lover, your best friend, your
grandchildren, your favorite vacation spot) and your actions on
doing the things you love to do (pet your cat, work in your garden,
listen to your favorite music).
4. Have an attitude of gratitude.
It is critical to take time each and every day to focus on what you
are grateful for. Some people do this in the morning before or
after they visualize their desires; others prefer to do it in the
evening. Focus on all of the things in your life (most of which you
take for granted) that you are grateful for--your health, your
children, your job, the nice weather, electricity, running water, a
nice stereo system, your flower garden, your pets, your friends).
No matter what your situation, there are always things to be
grateful for. The more you focus on what you are grateful for, the
more things and experiences you will attract to be grateful for.
You may wish to carry a "gratitude rock" like the one Lee Brower
talks about in "The Secret."
5. Take action.
There are two kinds of actions you can take. Obvious actions are
things like, if you want a better car, going to test drive all of
the models you are interested in and choosing the exact car you
want to have, and saving 10% of your income in a "car account." If
you want to be a doctor, apply to medical school.
There are also what I call "inspired actions." Once you begin to do
the things described above, the universe will start responding by
sending people, resources and opportunities you need to manifest
your desired result. You are going to find that you have inspired
ideas; you must act on them. You must follow those gentle proddings
from the universe. Often these intuitive impulses will have no
seeming connection to achieving your goal, but if you follow them,
they will lead you down a path of wonderful fulfillment.
Here's a quick way to know if the actions you're taking are taking
you closer to the fulfillment of your dreams and desires. If you
are feeling joy while you are doing them, then you are on the right
path. Remember, joy is your internal guidance system, just like the
GPS system in a car, telling you are taking the right actions.
Follow your joy.
6. Acknowledge that it is working.
If you start to see something change for the better, acknowledge
that it is happening. Appreciate it. When you find the perfect
parking space, acknowledge it. When you get the table you want in
the restaurant, acknowledge it. When you receive unexpected income,
acknowledge it. When you meet someone who can help you achieve your
goal, acknowledge that Law of Attraction is working. The more you
acknowledge that it's working, the more it will work. It's that
If you are attracting things into your life that you don't want,
remember the Law of Attraction is still working. Instead of
thinking or saying, "It's not working," ask your self, "What am I
focusing on, thinking about, talking about, feeling or doing that
is attracting this into my life?" If you want to know what you are
thinking about, notice the results you are producing in your life.
To change those results, you will first have to change your
vibration by changing your thoughts and feelings.
While there are many techniques that are variations on these themes
that you can apply, there's nothing else you have to do.

This message was sent to you by
Ron Peer
Secrets of THE SECRET.

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