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Hello Friend,

I want to tell you about a wonderful author and teacher
who I think might be able to help you...

I know in these tough times having enough money
might be a issue for you - but money is not
something you need to fear or struggle to attain -
as you will read below.

Let me introduce you to Dr. Robert Anthony...

He has spent the last 30 years unraveling the
mysteries of "success" and how the mind holds the
ultimate key to peak personal performance in all

He has authored over 15 books, which have been
published in 22 countries, including best-sellers
such as The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-
and Beyond Positive Thinking (my
personal favorite).

Over the past 30 years well over 10 million people
from all over the world have profited by attending
his seminars, reading his books, or listening to
his tape and CD programs.

And recently he was acknowledged as an
inspiration behind the "The Secret"...

Read his article "The Three Most Powerful Practical
Spiritual Principles I've Learned from Millionaires,
That Can Totally Change Your Life!" on The
Secrets of The Secret Blog:




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