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How to "Feel Good"

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Hello Friend,
I ran across this article by Song Chengxiang and
wanted to share it with you.  I think he covers some
meaningful points about creating a life of purpose and
living from your highest vibration.
Blessings -- Ron
Powerful Techniques for Living With Your True Purpose
Whenever I ask people this question,

"What do you really want in your life?"

They will usually give me answers as follows.

"I want to have more success in my life." "I want
to have more money." "I want to have a better

Then I ask them "What will success give you?"
"What will money give you?" "What will a good
relationship give you?"

They will always come down to one answer -
"Feeling Good!"

Yes, "Feeling Good" is the Ultimate Need of any
human being. Nothing is as important as feeling
good. Therefore, the quality of your life comes
down to one thing --your ability to feel good.
Did I say that? Yes, feeling good is an ability.
It is like a muscle; the more you use, the
stronger it will become. You either use it or
lose it. Unfortunately, the majority of people
today have forgotten how to use this powerful

Today I will give you some powerful techniques.
As long as you use them, they will awaken your
ability to feel good. The quality of your life
will increase dramatically, you will have a
tremendous amount of energy, and live a life of
total fulfillment. These techniques are so simple
that you won't believe it. I only ask you to keep
a ten-day commitment, use them for ten days, and
see how your life will change. After ten days,
you decide to keep them or not. I bet you will
get addicted to it. Ok, let's begin.

Technique No 1: Flip Switch

Although we know the importance of feeling good,
most of the time in daily life we forget about
it. We are so busy dealing with the "important
matters" we meet everyday, that we forget the
more important matters of "Feeling good, living a
stress free life". At the time we realize this,
we are already in a deep state of negativity.

The Solution is to do a "Flip Switch" throughout
the day.

What is Flip Switch? Flip Switch is a technique
whereby you hold in your mind a positive image, a
moment from your past when you felt really good,
or just an imagined event that makes you feel
good. Hold it for a few seconds. At the moment
you do your Flip Switch, it will cancel out all
the previous negative emotions. The key is to do
it often. Don't wait until your negative emotions
get big, and dominate you thoughts. Kill the
monster when it is little.

Do this exercise throughout the day, and you will
see the changes in your life simultaneously. I
can't stress enough how powerful this exercise
is, try it out for yourself.

Some people find it is hard to hold a image. My
answer to them is, just pretend you see. The
importance is not how clearly you see, but how
strong you feel.

Technique No 2: Capture Magic Moments

We don't remember all the things that happen in
our lives, but we remember some moments.
Unfortunately, most people only remember the
unhappy moments, and forget the happy moments.
These unhappy memories only make them unhappy,
and they don't even notice. The purpose of this
technique is to help you consciously memorize
those magical happy moments so that they will
make you happier. It is very simple, keep a
magical journal, every night before you go to
bed, and recall all the good things that happened
in your day. Note down things you enjoyed, things
you learned, and most importantly things you have
achieved. Every week, record your top
achievements during the week, and every month,
record your top achievements during the month.
You will be amazed at how many things you have
achieved, and wonder why you did not notice them

Take the 10 day challenge; you will love the
positive changes in your life. When you find your
ability to feel good increases, you will really
live with your true purpose.

Technique No 3: Be grateful for everything

Do you know what the most powerful emotional
state that people can have is? Yes, that is
gratitude. When you are in the state of
gratitude, you are in line with the source energy
of the universe. You get to see things clearly.
Any obstacles become an opportunity for you.
People feel depressed, or unhappy, most of the
time because they focus too much attention onto
the problems they have, and forget that they have
many wonderful things happening in their lives.

Be grateful for the love you receive from your
family, your friends, your colleagues. Thank them
in some way. Treat them a meal, buy them a gift,
just give them a word of greeting, or just give
them a prayer in your heart.

Be grateful to yourself, to your body. Say thanks
to your feet for supporting you for such a long
time, say thanks to your eyes for letting you see
the beauty of this world, say thanks to your ears
for giving you the beautiful sounds of the
universe. Say thank you to every part of your

Thank the universe for all the blessings it gives
you, and all the blessings you are receiving. Be
grateful for everything you have now, and you
shall receive much more.

Technique No 4: The secret of giving

What you give you shall receive! You can see much
evidence that shows you this is absolutely true.
The wealthiest men on this planet are always the
people who give most. The more they give, the
more they receive. Bill Gates is the richest man
on earth, because he gives the most. No any other
person in history has ever given as much money to
the world as Bill Gates does. You must give the
very thing that you want to receive. If you want
money, you must give money. If you want love, you
must give love. The best way to stay happy and
feel loved is to make other people feel happy and
loved. Give love to everyone you meet, a simple
greeting or a word of compliment will go a long
way. At the very moment you show your love to
other people, the universal law has already
guaranteed you will receive it back, and it will
give it back to you in the most amazing way.

A point to note is that you must give out
unconditionally; don't expect return from the
person you give to, the universe will orchestrate
all the details.

Give love, and you will receive love!

Technique No 5: I am a VIP

Nothing is so important as feeling good. Your
outer world is a direct reflection of your inner
world. If you want to experience joyfulness, and
richness in your outer world, you have to have a
joyful, rich inner world. The only way to have a
happy, prosperous life is to experience happiness
and prosperity in your inner world. Nothing is
more important than this.

Where can you find these wonderful feelings? Who
can give you these good experiences? The answer
is YOU! You are the creator of anything you
experience in your life. Only you can control
your own feelings. If you don't give permission,
no one can ever influence any of your feelings.
But what I find is that people always give power
to their environment, they allow others to
control their feelings. They feel bad because
some bad things happen in their lives, they feel
bad because others have done bad things to them.
They blame the world, they blame others as the
cause of their bad emotions. What they don't know
is that others will never have any influence over
their inner feelings if they don't allow them to.
From this day onwards, take full control of your
own feelings, never give control to others. You
are 100% responsible for your own feelings. You
decide to feel good every moment in life.

No one can make you feel bad if you don't allow
them to. You are in total control of your own
feelings, and you decide to feel good. The
question is how you are going to feel good. You
do this by treating yourself as a VIP, a very
important person. Think about what you would do
to a VIP. Wouldn't you do anything to make him or
her happy? Wouldn't you do something good for him
or her? Wouldn't you put him or her as your first
priority? From this day onwards, treat yourself
as a VIP, do anything to make yourself happy.
Treat yourself a meal; buy yourself a gift, give
yourself a break from time to time. You deserve
this, because you are your own VIP, no one is
more important than yourself.

Technique No 6: The power of focus

I am sure you have heard sayings like "What you
focus on tends to expand.", " What you focus on
becomes your reality.", "You are what you think
most of the time.". Basically they are saying one
thing "You become what you focus on."

We all want a prosperous life, we all want a life
of fulfillment, but very few people focus on
this. They only focus on what they are worried
about, and in the end that is what they get. You
will attract the very thing that you focus on.
This universal law never fails, it works 100%
accurately. If you focus on poverty, you will get
it; if you focus on riches, you will get them. If
you focus on happiness, you will get it; if you
focus on sorrow, you will get it too. This law
works perfectly.

The question is what should we consciously do to
focus our attention on things we want. We have
been taught to focus on the fears and worries for
years. The answer is simple. We must use the same
way that we used to focus on negative things to
focus our attention on the positive things. What
do you do when you are focusing on the things you
worry about? You probably talk to yourself
consciously or unconsciously. Most of the time,
your self talk is carried out in a form of Q&A .

Q: "Why do these things happen to me?" A:
"Because I am stupid?"; Q: "Why am I so stupid?"
A: "Because I am a fool."

Do you find you have ever had this kind of
conversation with yourself? The way to deal with
it is to be aware of it, and use the same way to
focus your attention on the positive things. Ask
yourself empowering questions. Ask questions in
such a way that you will always get the answers
that make you feel good. No matter how bad the
situation is, ask yourself, "What is great about
this?", "What can I learn from this?"

If you continually ask yourself, you will always
find something great, and something you can
learn. Will that make you feel better? You'd
better believe it.

From now on, make a commitment- no matter how bad
the situation is, you will always find a question
to turn your attention to the positive. You
become what you focus on!

Technique No 7: No Competition

Many of our disappointments and bad feelings come
from competition, or comparison. We feel bad
about ourselves; because we see others are doing
better than we do. As long as we focus our
attention on our weakness, we will never feel
good about ourselves. We feel bad, because others
are more handsome or more beautiful than us; we
feel bad because others have more money, better
cars, better houses than we have; We feel bad
because others get promoted, but we don't; We
feel bad just because others are happier than we
are. As long as you compare yourself with others,
you will always find someone who is better than
you. And you will never feel good enough.

Instead of falling into this trap of endless
competing, why not free ourselves, and live life
in our own way. Instead of focusing on what
others are doing better than we do, and feeling
bad about ourselves, why not focus on learning
from others and improving our own skills? Life is
about growing, not about competing. Focus your
attention on self-growth, go for the best, and
you will finally see the big rewards.

In the Athens 2004 Olympics, the Chinese athlete
Liu Xiang won the first gold medal in the 110
meters men's hurdles competition for China. He
has made new Chinese history in the Olympic
Games. When he was asked, if the four-time world
champion Allen Johnson crashed out in the
qualifying heat, whether his own performance
would be affected, he said, "Not at all, I just
follow my own plan, and perform for the best." In
his mind, he does not care who is running against
him, he just does his best.

Forget about competition, go for the best!

Technique No 8: Get in touch with your higher

Nowadays, we are too busy in our daily
activities. We even forget who we really are. We
really need to find some time for ourselves; get
in touch with our higher self. There are two ways
you can do this. The first is nature. Find
yourself some spare time every week, and take a
walk in the park, or go to the forest. Listen to
the sound of nature, and feel the power of it.
See the greenness of this beautiful nature, and
enjoy being with it. Feel that you are safe, and
you are close to Mother Nature. The second way
you can get in touch with your higher self is
through meditation. There is too much
misconception about meditation, and people tend
to make it really complicated. Meditation is easy
to do, and everyone can do it. The simplest way
is to just sit quietly, and count your breath.
Whenever you attention goes away, bring it back
to your breath. The purpose of meditation is to
clear your conscious mind, so that you can get in
touch with your subconscious mind. There are some
advanced meditation techniques that can manifest
your desires fast. I will reveal them to you in
my future articles. For the time being, practice
this simple meditation, it will give you a lot of
Song Chengxiang is the author of popular online
ebooks "Rapid Manifestation" and "The Lost secrets of
Manifestation". His words have helped thousands of people
greatly change the quality of their lives and manifest
their true desires easily and effortlessly. He has recently
developed a powerful mind programming system- Quantum Mind
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