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Replacing Limiting Beliefs

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More wisdom from Law of Attraction Practioner, Gary Evans.

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Replacing Limiting Beliefs
By Gary Evans

Limiting beliefs can prevent you from experiencing true success and
also play a vital role in holding you back from experiencing
everything you've ever wanted. I have a friend who continually
wants stable work and high pay. Every chance when he gets a sniff
of an opportunity he goes for it, and dives right in with both
feet. Amazingly - every time he either self-sabotages himself or
the opportunity falls away. Although it isn't pleasant watching
this same routine happen over and over again, it is advantageous to
spot the mistakes so that we do not include them into our

If a factory was to close down which meant thousands of people are
then put out of work, does it mean it was due to the thoughts
you've been holding? And that everyone's lost their jobs because of
your wrong thinking? No, but you do have a part to play in all of
this. It's more of a group consciousness that's responsible for the
overall loss in the circumstance and those workers have over a long
period of time been focusing their attention on thoughts that are
of a similar vibrational nature to what has happened

It doesn't mean that they've been thinking about losing their jobs.
Some may have been, but the vibration amongst all workers was one
of lack, scarcity and not enough which caused the universe to
respond to their thoughts.

What happens after the factory has closed down is when beliefs will
really take an important role on whether or not they will get work
immediately or not

One person may be the sort of person who skips between jobs
frequently and is used to getting new employment and has a belief
that they will get new work easily as they've done it so many times
in the past.

Whereas a different person may have worked at this factory for many
years and is not in touch with the new employment processes and
prior to joining the factory they found it very difficult to get

The factory worker who has no problem skipping amongst work, finds
a job pretty instantly and starts the following week.

The other factory worker who was more of a long-serving employee
starts thinking about how hard it was to find this job in the first
place. His thoughts are so focused on lack that the universe yields
to him what he is thinking about. He goes to his local job centre
just after all jobs were taken with his skills. No one replies to
his application letters, or they get lost in the post. An endless
variety of different circumstances can occur because of your
beliefs which is why it is so important that you focus your
attention on things that serve you

In one country, fresh running water is a given and is expected
across the entire country. In another part of the world, fresh
running water is unheard of and no one expects the water to be
fresh and in abundance.

There are many beliefs that serve you very well, like the fresh
running water example previously stated.

Gary Evans is a Law of Attraction practitioner, author and owner of
the company Good To Feel Good who's mission is to "Teach by
Example". Gary is dedicated to supporting you in becoming a
powerful Deliberate Creator and has been appling the principles of
Law of Attraction for several years. Please visit his website at:


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