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The One Thing to Do for Abundance

Email sent: Jan 12, 2019 4:18am
Hello Friend,

In my pursuit of finding and bringing you materials and articles
about the Law of Attraction and THE SECRET, I ran across a site run by
Dr. Eric Amidi. Dr. Amidi is a Quantum Physicist who was part of the group
that discovered the Top Quark at Fermi National Laboratory in March
1995. He integrates various fields such as Science, Philosophy, Theosophy,
and Mysticism to explain the inner workings of the law of attraction
and manifestations.

I've been receiving his newsletter for some time now and I find it
very valuable. You can subscribe to it completely_free here:

What is most interesting is that he answers questions from his
readers in a practical and detailed way, on a variety of topics. Here is a


Hi Ron,

I hope all is going well with you and you are enjoying every moment 
of every day.

In this e-letter, I am going to comment on something that a lot of 
people have been asking about...

In fact, every success story in manifestations that you can imagine 
starts with this step...

*** Question ****

...Sometimes it gets real difficult to hold on to the image...
That's when fear and doubt sets in. Fear that I won't make it. 
How do I get passed all this and stay on track and what are some 
tips on manifesting my thoughts faster?


My comments >>>

Ernie, This is an EXCELLENT question. Fear is perhaps the 
BIGGEST block to Manifestations of all kind, Wealth, relationship, 
health...and abundance in general...

And, as always, fear and doubt go hand-in-hand...
Especially when it comes to Wealth Manifestations...

I am going to explain this in detail, because I want to show you
how you can apply the trinity system (the conscious mind, the 
subconscious mind, and your belief in your higher self) to 
handle fear...

BUT, let me clear something first...

How we HANDLE fear is what can either multiply Manifestations
or just roll them back and block them ...

In fact, once you master the HANDLING of fear, you will start 
manifesting GREAT things in your life, by LEAPS AND BOUNDS...

I absolutely GAURANTEE that.

So, let's examine fear for a moment...
And after I explain why, at the end I summarize...

What is fear and what is it trying to tell you?

Fear is a message to you, saying:

"I think you are not prepared for what's coming!"

This message is not a bad message on its own. It's simply a
In fact, it can be very helpful at times.


Now, how you respond to this message is going to make all the 
difference in the world...

There are different ways that you can respond to the message of
But only one of them leads to great manifestations...

Here they are...

Some people take the power of this message and 
turn it into worry...


They take it inside and internalize it ...

And what does that do?

You guessed it! That impresses your subconscious mind

Remember: subconscious mind is impacted by strong emotions 
and feelings

Worrisome images and negative thoughts will only impress your 
subconscious mind and manifest more of them...

And, of course, you don't want that...

So firstly, DON'T push the fear deep down and turn it into worry
negative emotions. That may even lead to depression and major blocks
to manifestations

So, what should you do?

Since you don't want to impress the subconscious mind with negative 
thoughts, instead of internalizing the fear, you should externalize

Use your conscious mind to take action...

Let the conscious mind deal with it, NOT the subconscious mind...

Always, impress your subconscious mind with JOYFUL feelings 
only, and protect it from negative emotions...

Now, you may ask "How do I use my conscious mind to deal with fear?"

Valid question!

There are two ways that you can use your conscious mind to deal 
with fear, and only one of these two leads to great

Some people externalize the fear and take action 

BUT, they do it destructively by being aggressive or angry...

I'd say an absolute NO-NO to that.

That may give some people temporary relief, but it's not socially 

And most important, it does not address the message that fear had 
in the first place, which was "I don't think you are prepared!"

So finally, here's the BEST response:

Take Action Constructively. 

That means that you should see what it is that you think you need 
to do to be prepared? And take concrete steps...

That's the BEST way to erase fears without impacting your 
subconscious mind with worry images...

So, in handling fear you should use your conscious mind...

After all, That's all fear was trying to tell you: "You think
You are not prepared". Once you recognize that and address
it, it will go away... 

Every time, fear starts showing its face, call it! "OK, you are 
trying to tell me I am not prepared?" and then take action towards 

It'll go away when you recognize its message and take action...

Also, believing in your Higher Self while taking action, makes
your fears smaller and smaller and farther away... 

Now, the next level is to go even deeper into the advanced level
and address the preparation...
That's where you can unleash the power of the subconscious mind
And manifestation sessions...

Wishing you the manifestation of your desires,

Your Friend,

Dr. E


Remember, to subscribe to Dr. Eric Amidi's newsletter, simply go here:


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