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How to Use the Law of Attraction Successfully

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How to Use the Law of Attraction Successfully

By Valerie Dawson, Founder of The Dawson Method

You may believe that using the Law of Attraction "successfully" means
being able to instantly manifest everything you desire, but I'm going to
offer a different definition today. What if using the Law of Attraction
successfully could mean finding a way to make every situation turn
out in a positive, or at least acceptable, way?

Below are three ways to begin doing this in your own life:

See Success in a New Light

We have become so accustomed to seeing money as a success symbol
that we forget there are other expressions of success - some of which are
even more valuable than cash. There is nothing wrong with having a lot of
money and other material possessions, but they are certainly not the only
expressions of abundance and success.

Experience may seem less important than money at first glance, but along
with experience comes knowledge and self-mastery - which greatly enhances
our earning potential in any field. Being patient enough to learn and gain
experience so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor later is one of the best
investments we can make into our future.

Recognize Opportunities in Every Situation

We often get frustrated when we keep repeating the same destructive
patterns and getting the same dissatisfying results, but opportunities do
exist in every difficult circumstance. Rather than trying to escape negative
situations, we would do better to ponder how we might turn them into
something beneficial.

By focusing on the possibilities rather than the frustration, our creative
juices start flowing and inspired ideas come rushing forth. Taking action
on these inspired ideas will trigger still more opportunities, and before we
know it our difficult circumstances will have been transformed into truly
life-changing experiences.

Act . . . Rather Than Over-Analyzing

Over-analyzing goals and plans is a common destructive habit that many
of us share. We plan, we prepare, plan some more...and never quite
get around to taking action. Most often when this happens it's because
we are trying to avoid the possibility of failure. It feels safer to wait until
we have every step of the plan tweaked and adjusted "just right" before
we move forward.

Unfortunately the longer we wait to get moving, the harder it gets to take
any action at all. One of the most empowering habits we can adopt is a
consistent willingness to move forward even if we don't yet have the entire
plan figured out. Adjusting a plan that is already in motion is much easier
than trying to create a "perfect" plan on paper.

Valerie Dawson is the founder of The Dawson Method, the fastest, easiest,
most natural way to make your dreams come true. To program your mind
to attract abundance now and unlock your own power to attract money into
your life, visitThink Rich Secrets


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