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The King's Son Who Was Banished

Email sent: Oct 6, 2019 9:07am
Hello Friend,

I received this email from Harlan Kilstein, and it contains
a powerful Law of Attraction story about a king and his
banished son.

It begs the question; are you a lost prince or princess
and don't know it?





The King's Son Who Was Banished

A long time ago in a kingdom far away there was a king who was
training his son the prince how to rule.

The king wanted his son to pay attention to his lessons but the
young prince's mind was not on his studies. His only wish was
to play in the forest.

At first, the king tolerated his son's behavior but it started
to upset him greatly. The queen tried to calm the king down
but his patience wore thin.

The prince skipped lessons with his tutors and when the king
would site down with him to share his own wisdom, the prince
would look out the palace windows at the forest.

One day, the king lost his temper.

"If you like the forest so much, you can go and live there,"
he shouted. "From this day forward, you are not my son."

The king ordered his soldiers to take the prince to the forest
and leave him there.

The queen was broken when she heard the news and pleaded with
the king - but to no avail. His mind was made up.

Months passed and became years.

Years passed.

And there was no word from the prince and no forgiveness from
the king.

One day, the queen became ill. The doctors could not help her.
They came before the king and said...

"Your majesty. The queen has no disease we can heal. It is
heart break. She can't stand missing her son. If you don't do
something soon, she will die."

The king had a problem. He couldn't change his mind. His ego
wouldn't allow it.

He turned to his wise sage and asked for his advice. This is
what the sage advised:

"Send forth your soldiers into the forest to find the prince.
Tell them the king offers to fulfill one wish. Whatever it is,
you will fulfill it."

The king asked. "How does that help?"

"Your majesty" said the sage. "Your son is of royal blood. He
will surely ask you to bring him home as his one wish!"

The king was delighted because this strategy would bring the
prince home and allow him to save face. And surely, after so
many years, the prince would pay attention to his studies.

The soldiers were sent out and after a few weeks, one of them
found the prince wandering in the forest. He was starving,
sickly, and wearing rags.

"The king has offered to grant you one wish. What ever you
ask for he will give you. Be sure to ask wisely."

The prince was silent for a moment and asked. "Tell the king
I would like some straw for a pillow."

The prince had forgotten who he was.

He could have asked to be returned to the palace. Instead, he
asked for some straw.

Does this sound familiar?

The universe wants to give people their every wish but they
have forgotten who they are.

They ask for straw when they could be living in the palace.

Could this be you?

Have you forgotten who YOU are?

You can become the person you were meant to be.

The Hypnotic Secret WILL get you there - just follow the simple

And claim what's rightfully yours.

Go here to get your copy:

You CAN do this.

Peace and prosperity,

Harlan Kilstein
The Hypnotic Secret


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