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Love can turn into life - we can do it toegther.

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Few days ago when speaking with my Guru that teach my the art of jewelry

Can we turn our love into life? We can make it happen - together.




A few weeks ago, when I was talking with my Indian Guru that taught me everything I know about handmade jewelry. The dots got connected.


He told me that his mother died from cancer, the baby that his wife was carrying died. I recalled about the conditions of living they have.


This Guru - Golak hosted me in his house in a faraway village located 3 hours from Kolkata. For two weeks, I was a family member in the home, his mother fed me, and I saw how is life in a local Indian in a faraway village.


I will be honest, Golak finance situation was much better than the other neighbors.
He even had a 32" TV, something that no one had in 50 miles around him.


During the conversation, I recalled when I was meeting his family members and friends; they all were welcoming me and offering me a cup of water. I knew that I couldn't drink the water they drink because my body is not used to it. Every time it was the same, they offer water, Golak explains that I can't drink it, and I keep saying thank you in Hindi. 


The sewerage in this village work in a simple way; there is no any. 
Their "Toilet" and the well are connected, there are no filters.

Our body is 50%-65% of water, now the question is, what is the water that we fill ourself. We have access to clean water, but what about the one that doesn't?

During the call with him, I understood what I need to do.

I need to give back, a few days ago I found the way of how to do it.

On every order placed on our website, we provide clean water for a year to a people who need.


Until now we provided 9 people clean water for a year. 

Those 9 people are the start, the start of a journey that you are part of it.


I believe that every person in the world deserves the ability to have access to clean and safe water, and now, together, we can make the change.


Under every product on our website, we are writing the number of people we will be able to provide clean water for a year.

Together, we can turn love into life.


 If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email.

I'm here for you.

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