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This tool could help your small business

Trust is important for you and your customers

Trust determines who will buy from your website and how much they're willing to spend. Trust is the deciding factor when someone sees a review of your business or chooses whether or not to click on your links.

With so many new ecommerce sites online it can be tough for first-time online shoppers to understand who they can trust. And there are more first-time shoppers online today than ever before.

Selz helps you build trust with features like a free SSL certificate and trust marks. And we have a new partner that can help you build trust with your on-site policies- Termly.

This week we want to share a handful of ways we think Termly can really help your online store. If legal policies for your business are a headache we recommend you check out Termly's templates and services. Take a look!


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1. Savings

Budgets are tight, and Termly’s services can save you the time it takes to find the right lawyer. This service can also bring you big savings on legal fees!


Selz was early to the GDPR party, and we let our merchants know early on to create a comprehensive privacy policy.

Fast forward a few years, and you may have a great privacy policy in place, but when was the last time you updated it? Does your privacy policy reflect the latest changes to legislation? What if you had a service that keeps up with policy changes for you?


3. Refund and return policies

With Termly you can be sure that your refund and return policies aren't just the same copy and paste that every other store has. You can customize your policies to your business, niche and brand while still being in compliance!
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