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Andean healing energy card reading for January

We picked an oracle card for you....

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We picked an oracle card for you....
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from the Andean Healing Energy deck


Messages to start 2022...



The collective reading for the month of January is

Wiracocha, creator energy.


The literal translation of Wirachoca into English is “Sea Foam”. In Incan traditions, Wiracoha is the creator god. Some myths say they emerged from the lake during a time of darkness to bring the light, some say they had a wife who is the mother of the waters. Many legends describe Wiracocha as a powerfully loving healer, teacher, and architect who assisted mankind and then disappeared over the sea.


In shamanic traditions, Wiracocha is referenced as the Creator. He/She/They are considered the Source of the Sacred Springs of LIfe. Wiracocha also refers o the poq’po, our energy bubble, therefore we associate Wiracocha with the infinity of the luminous body enveloping us.


It is said Creator gave us three gifts to use in our lives: the head, the heart, and the body. Are we using these gifts well? Are we using the gift of our mind for our highest good? Are we feeling clear and resonant with beautiful awareness of munay, compassionate love? Are we keeping our work, our actions clear and resonant with the Buddhist call ‘Right Action’ - action that is life-enhancing and love producing?


From the card: Where are you sourcing from, precious one? Allow Wirococha to help you remember nothing in form has what your heart and soul truly need. The Source of the Sacred Springs of Life hovers infinitely around you, patiently waiting for you to plug into presence. You may slip and trip into thoughts of the past. Or fall headlong into fear of the future. Wiracocha keeps whispering in our ear, “I AM LOVE.” When you are quiet, you catch it. You remember who are you, where you come from and why you are here.

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In Vedic Astrology, Purva Ashadha is connected to the Hindu elephant god, Ganesha, who’s seen as the “remover of obstacles”. Purva Ashadha can help remove stubborn blockages and energize New Year’s resolutions. Purva Ashadha energy also gives us the freedom, fearlessness, and courage to follow our joy in the moment in an extravagant and unique way.

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