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andean healing energy card reading for july ❤️

an oracle card for july....

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an oracle card for july....
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from the Andean Healing Energy deck



The collective reading for the month of July is



Meaning Jaguar in Quechua.


The Black Jaguar tracks and eats dense energy. She helps us journey between the worlds. She is a powerful totem animal ally. She may also be with us during time of deep meditation and prayer.


Jaguar has no predators, no enemies. They inspire us to change our minds about people we may perceive of as 'against us'. We can identify and shift any negative belief that someone is 'out to get us.' We can intend to perceive ourselves and others as imply living our lives minus all the hidden agendas.


We may perceive others as our enemy when we are not willing to see the negative qualities we see in them as our own qualities. This is healing work for us to do. This is called tracking the shadow. The Black Jaguar helps us track and own the aspects of ourselves that are hidden in the darkness of our unconsciousness. Try tracking yourself every time you think a critical thought about someone else. This is a humbling and powerful process that can increase our self-awareness.


Engaging with the wisdom of the cats, we find other beautiful metaphors. They can see in the dark and so encourage us to be willing to face our fear of the darkness and of the unknown. They are especially helpful in encouraging us to face our fear of death. Their feline powers of hearing and sight are extraordinary, inspiring us to open to our gifts of sacred perceiving. Their skin is their greatest tracking device, as is ours. We are called to a heightened state of awareness when we experience ‘chills.’ Their four paws and great strength give them the ability to be surefooted on any terrain. Surefootneness is a helpful quality to have as we enact our beauty walk of life.

From the card: “How did I get here again? I thought I was done with that one!” We are crystalline beings. Wounds have many facets. Allow the Black Jaguar to help you track the issue over and over til the face of the original wound is revealed. Keep holding the issue up to the Light. Invite the jaguar to eat the dense energy on even deeper levels. Ortorongo loves to eat your self-loating, anger, shame, jealousy etc. Hucha tastes good to her! Thank you for your willingness to keep diving to the depths for the highest good.

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