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FREE rainbow palettesand two tough questions

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How Clubhouse may be changing your social-media manager's job
Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Rainbows are visions
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This week's question: When is it a rest, and when is it a rut? Related: When is it self-care, and when is it self-neglect? As a creator, you're always on the razor's edge of pushing yourself, and protecting your inner resources so you can make even better work tomorrow. Many people I know haven't been creating nearly as much as they wanted to in the last year, and while the reason may be clear, the remedy certainly is not. Maybe—just maybe—try pushing yourself a little more. What would that feel like? If you need inspiration, we've got some below.
Happy creating!
Jennifer Braunschweiger
Senior Director of Content Marketing
Audio-Only Social Networks Changing the Roles of Social Media Managers
Remember when everyone wanted to hire people who were good at Snapchat? That was The Thing. I'm pretty sure I was job hunting at the time, and I remember saying repeatedly, "Snapchat wasn't here yesterday, and it won't be here tomorrow." Obviously, I didn't mean literally. What I meant was that people get obsessed with platforms when they should be obsessing over what they're saying; the substance is going to outlive the setting, every time. Now we're seeing it again, in the rise of audio-only networks. What might that mean for your team?
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10 Fresh, FREE, Fantastic Rainbow Color Palettes
Rainbow! Part of me will always be a seven-year-old girl in a rainbow t-shirt, wearing as many colors as possible. Rainbows inspire us, cheer us, give us hope. They show LGBTQIA pride, and they help us feel festive, even in the rain. Need rainbow palettes for your designs? We have a bunch, and they're FREEEEEEEE.
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Why It’s Important to Develop Cross-Cultural Design Processes
Ninety percent of internet users live outside the United States. And yes, this should absolutely influence your design process. How do you start thinking globally, even as you're acting locally?
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5 Inexpensive Filmmaking Accessories You Need to Own
Lewis McGregor is our secret weapon for all things video—he's a genius with sound, color, editing. And since he lives in Europe, by the time we wake up in the United States, he's finished everything on his to-do list. So when he offers to share his filmmaking must-haves under $50, we sit up straight and say, yes please!
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