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Fighting Candida? You Might Be Missing Something...

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Fighting Candida?
You might be missing something...

For some people, the issue of Candida overgrowth can be a constant battle that can lead to sugar cravings, yeast infections and even chronic fatigue. Candida albicans naturally lives in the GI tract and other areas of the body without causing problems. However, an imbalance in your gut bacteria can lead to an overgrowth.
Antibiotics, a diet high in sugar and stress can help fuel the Candida.

Candida has become a hot topic and there are many different Candida cleanses on the market that often include cutting out all processed sugars. While these cleanses can be very successful in killing the overgrowth of Candida, they often miss the final and crucial step of managing Candida once and for all.
When killing Candida, it is imperative that new colonies of healthy bacteria take its place in the gut. Candida is an opportunistic organism and can grow rapidly under the right conditions. Without taking the steps to ensure new growth of healthy bacteria, the Candida will usually grow right back. A good quality probiotic supplement will help to colonize the gut with the bacteria that you actually want.

The spore-forming characteristics of Silver Fern™ Brand's Ultimate Probiotic, for example, help kill Candida while stimulating the growth of healthy bacteria that are so essential for a healthy body. The spores are like a gardener weeding a garden. They can read the gut and identify what shouldn't be there. The probiotics competitively exclude the Candida and fight for space to push them out.

So the next time you are looking to manage your Candida, don't forget to include a good quality probiotic in the process.
Silver Fern™ Brand's Ultimate Probiotic is the secret weapon in the fight agaist Candida overgrowth. Use Coupon Code: SILVERFERN10 for 10% off at checkout.
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P.S. To learn more about how the right probiotic can help with issues like Candida and other digestive complaints, be sure to watch the interview below with Nutritionist Charity Lighten, and Microbiologist Kiran Kirshnan.
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