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Email sent: May 4, 2021 11:24am
You might like to see what our customers are say about Silver Fern Brand Ultimate Probiotic Supplement...
Ultimate Probiotic Testimonial

My overall health improved

"My stomach has always had issues. I’ve had to bow out of activities and parties because I had disabling, sharp, pains in my stomach. I thought that maybe I was experiencing the precursors to Irritable Bowel Syndrome or even Crohn’s Disease, which my mom had later in life. Thankfully I figured out that the majority of my problems stemmed from my unhealthy stomach environment and I was able to correct it with a few things, and especially using Silver Fern Probiotics. Bloating decreased and weight loss seems easier. Thanks Silver Fern!"
Helena L.
Five Star Rating


These are the best!!

"I am so glad I gave these probiotics a try along with the Wai drinks and fiber. They have made a tremendous difference in the first week and I’m getting ready to double up to two pills a day. Digestion better, cravings decreased, and I actually lost 3 pounds and my pants feel looser. I was hitting pre-diabetic ranges and my blood sugar also seems more controlled. I also notice less bloating and "full" feeling after a heavy meal. Best probiotics I have tried and that’s been a lot! After gallbladder removal digestion has been an issue and symptoms of IBS kept getting worse. I don’t think I will ever be without these."
Five Star Rating


Feeling Better After a Month

"I just finished my first bottle of Silver Fern Probiotic and would highly recommend it. I was looking for a probiotic that would help my stomach to feel better and to help get my body back on track. This product has done both, I also don’t feel as bloated and am very regular, two bonuses. I will continue to use this product and others from Silver Fern for myself and my kids."
Jo L.
Five Star Rating


Love this product!

"These probiotics have helped with my gut health and I noticed within days my sugar cravings were going away! Love this product!"
N. Petersen
Five Star Rating


Love It!

"Wow! I finally found a probiotic that helps my stomach bloating issue! I have Hashimotos and have leaky gut syndrome. I truly see the difference and my gut is healing.. This is the best probiotic by far! I wish it was a little more affordable. I do recommend it though!!"
Five Star Rating


Great for Sugar Cravings

"I originally bought this probiotic because I heard how great they were with sugar cravings, and I was super shocked to find out for myself how FANTASTIC they are. I have always had a weakness for sweets, and have tried to leave sugar behind many times. After taking this probiotic, my sugar cravings disappeared completely. And it didn’t take long. I was feeling great after day 1 of taking these. I can now be surrounded by treats and not even be tempted by them. I don’t even recognize myself, because I could have never done that in the past. I would highly recommend this product!"
Christin K.
Five Star Rating

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