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Why this new recipe means so much to me...

Email sent: May 21, 2020 9:35am

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Hi! My name's Dan... I've worked with Simple Green Smoothies for the past 7 years

Hi! My name's Dan, and you've probably seen me in a Simple Green Smoothies Facebook group...

I've worked with SGS for the past 7 years. I was their first "hire" and am still helping Jen and the team make great recipes, programs, and a fun + vibrant community.

You normally hear from Jen in our newsletters, but today you're hearing from me because...

... the new recipe on the blog has the absolute best gluten-free crust I've ever tasted!

Picture of me (Dan), his wife Erin, and daughter Olivia on Easter morning.

Let me back up for second...

This past December, I started having digestive problems that made me sore all over, extremely fatigued, and mildly depressed. I remember calling my mom the day after Christmas wondering if I would be able to be active in raising my then 8-month-old daughter. I know that sounds exaggerated, but I wasn't in a great place mentally.

Through a process of trial-and-error, Google searching, food elimination, health consults, and doctor visits, I was given a diagnosis: Gilbert's Syndrome.

(basically, it's a genetic disorder that causes my liver to function less efficiently—there's no cure but there's also no real concern for shorter life expectancy)

My health care provider made several recommendations to help my liver function, one of them being to switch to eating a Paleo lifestyle.

Why am I telling you this? Because pizza is pretty much the anti-Paleo meal.

Talk about devastating!

But then I remembered the quinoa crust pizza from our Fresh Start Spring Cleanse! It's entirely gluten-free and dairy-free (I know... I know... how can that even be pizza?), but it's my favorite recipe out of all the SGS cleanse and reset programs.

I pitched the idea to make more pizza recipes with this same crust recipe, and Team SGS hopped on board (get the new pizza recipe here)!

Here's what I love about the quinoa pizza crust:

  • Texture: It has a chewy-ness to it like normal pizza crusts.
  • Taste: It has a warm and nutty flavor—best I've had since going gluten-free.
  • Easy to make: It's faster to make than normal pizza crust with no kneading required!

I love this quinoa pizza crust recipe. It helps me to feel included when doing pizza Friday + movie night, tastes delicious with roasted veggies, and doesn't give me the painful side effects that normal pizza would.

Give it a try this weekend! I'd also love for you to leave a comment on today's blog post letting me know your thoughts on the recipe (and anything else I shared today)!

Peace, love & leafy greens,
Dan + the rawkstar team


A simple quinoa batter makes for a crispy-edged, tender, gluten-free pizza crust that takes almost no effort to make. These toppings are some of my favorites—especially the pesto— but feel free to top with whatever your heart desires!


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