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When you think about relaxing you probably think of a nice spa day, your feet in the sand at your favorite beach, or you think of getting a massage.  While massage is very relaxing there are also some benefits that you could be missing out on if you aren't getting a regular massage.

Anxiety Relief
Almost 20% of the American population suffers from anxiety.  A few studies suggest that if you get a massage it can help reduce your symptoms of anxiety.  A massage helps increase the response in your parasympathetic nervous system which helps decrease your anxiety.  However, the best part about this is that these effects that massage has on the parasympathetic system can actually be long lasting, meaning it can help keep you anxiety free. 
Less Fatigue
We all get tired.  Either from too much work, not enough sleep, high stress, or it could even be due to some biological factor.  We all have to fight fatigue at some point or another and getting a regular massage can help in that fight.  A study done by Dr. Rapaport on breast cancer survivors found that those who received a Swedish massage had reduced fatigue which helped them recover faster.  These effects were achieved from a massage once per week.  
Boost Focus
It is easy to lose focus when you are working, reading, or doing any task that takes a lot of brain power.  Getting a massage can help you improve your attention and your ability to focus.  When your heart rate is lower it is easier to pay attention and when your heart rate is higher it is harder to pay attention.  Getting a massage helps slow your nervous system which effectively slows your heart rate and that improves your ability to focus.

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