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Want to sleep better? Here's how!

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Your body is in a constant battle to stay healthy and there is one thing that is paramount in helping win that fight.  Sleep!  Not only is it important for your physical health, but it is also important to your mental health.  Because of that we wanted to give you a few ways to help you get better sleep.

Get a daily massage
When you get a massage, it puts you into a relaxing state.  Massage helps you relieve stress and anxiety from the day.  One of the best benefits of massage is that it releases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that induces calm feelings.  Serotonin can help you fall asleep easier and can help you stay asleep longer.
Maintain a regular routine

Maintaining a regular routine is an important part of getting better sleep.  Your body gets used to certain things happening at certain times so when you have a regular sleeping schedule it allows your body to wind down and get ready for sleep.

Exercise daily
Getting your daily exercise is very important in helping you maintain a healthy sleep routine.  For pathophysiological reasons we feel more tired after exerting pressure even if it's just a little bit.  It also helps feeling accomplished from the day giving a nice sense of achievement before you go to bed for the night.
Limit screen time before bed

While the internet and cable are very valuable tools at this time, they should still be limited. It is not helpful to your sleep when you are staring at a screen because this stops you from being able to unwind and relax.  Instead, you should try to “unplug” from the world about an hour before bed.  Other activities that might be better for you are reading a book or listening to relaxing music.

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