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Your Free Trial for Sleek Bill Online has now expired.

Your account is still there but it is now under the FREE plan.

You're losing a lot of features. Let me tell you a bit about the differences:

  1. You have a limit of 10 documents / month
  2. Sleek Bill branding on issued documents
  3. Credit Notes no longer available
  4. Advanced GSTR and Inventory Reports no longer available
  5. Expenses are disabled
  6. Transport Labels (Waybill, Challan, Vehicle etc) no longer available
  7. Dedicated priority support is disabled

I know! It's a big difference but if you want to get the full features again, we'd be happy to help with an awesome offer.

Just visit our pricing page: or
contact us at [email protected] / +91-9168696090 /91 /92 /93

Thank you,
Vicky Kalbande
Sleek Bill - Country Manager

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