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What is a Sleep Divorce - and do you need one?

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Snoring can make you rethink sharing your bedroom with your partner. But there are other factors to keep in mind.
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How Snoring Affects Your Mental Health


The master bedroom is a sanctuary for many couples. It’s a place for reconnecting, intimacy and bonding.

At least, until someone starts to snore.

Today, couples who are sleep deprived say they’d be willing to try a “sleep divorce” — to sleep apart to get a good night's sleep, all in the name of health.

Sleep is incredibly important for our health. Poor sleep quality and sleep deprivation have been linked to weight gain, poor immune response, depression, diabetes, and emotional health issues.

A 2017 study found that couples who don’t get enough sleep (under 7 hours a night) are more likely to have marital spats and become hostile to one another.


But how will sleeping apart affect your relationship?


Sleeping with a partner has tons of psychological benefits. It helps reduce stress and inflammation levels while boosting oxytocin, a hormone that causes the “feel good” emotion and encourages bonding, which is also higher in people who co-sleep.

By sleeping apart you will miss out on this, as well as the intimacy of sharing a bed.

If your partner's snoring is making you consider a Sleep Divorce, we invite you to try Nora instead.

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Nora customers report peaceful nights, better moods, and improved intimacy.

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