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Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Hi -,

We have a special offer here, but I'll get to that in a minute...

It occured to me today that we have the BEST customers. 
From gymnasts and trainers training for strength and rehab, to parents and seniors working out for improving movement, reducing stress, and improving fitness is really an honor to be part of it all. 

Here's what I thought was really special though...

We started SoloStrength with one goal >
To simplify the process of exercising your entire body.

But not just that...we wanted it to be possible to do it more quickly and safely than anything else,
and empower the individuals to have unlimited range of training challenges.

Then I realized after some wonderful discussions today with a few customers, we have done JUST THAT!

You can get so many exercises and ranges of challenges just by moving your own bodyweight and fast and easy adjustments to bar height or body position... 

How can it get more simple than that? 

With customers 7-70 (some favourites even in their 90's!) - obviously this speaks to the range of value SoloStrength can have in your life.

Is SoloStrength for you? was meant to be. was designed to be.

No matter what you are doing in your life.  No matter what kind of lifestyle you are currently maintaining, whether you are very active, or very not, SoloStrength will be an amazing tool of empowerment for you for either filling in the gaps and stretching and challenging yourself with bodyweight movements at home, or follow our full body timed SpeedFit® circuit training programs to learn and then customize your workouts to suit exactly what you need.

One thing I can guarantee you.

You will LOVE it.  

How can I be so confident? 

Simply because of all the 1000s of people I've seen on SoloStrength, I've never seen anyone do these full body engaging movements, without feeling more empowered, more strong, more fit, more AWESOME.

I have a special challenge for you. It's called the 10 DAY Challenge..and it's super easy to follow. 
Start with the level of SpeedFit Core15 Program (that's 15 Minutes only) you feel you are best suited for (I really recommend starting at Level 1 and you'll know why after), and complete it for 10 days straight.  It will be a good introduction to learning the movements, becoming familiar with the transitions and then learning how you can push yourself "just a little more" each rep and set...until you have it down and when you are ready to start playing with more exercises and training ...and by then, you will be really loving it :)

IF you are coming with a goal of rehabilitation or weight loss, SoloStrength can provide the safety and range of movement to give you confidence to build your strength, your whole body harmony, and wellness.  Success comes with full body engagement movements at beginner level programs that can be adapted to your fitness as it improves. Functional Cardio Movements will keep your heart rate up as you build your full body strength.

So what to expect when you first start your SoloStrength training as a beginner?
  • After your order is confirmed, you will receive an email within 24 hours with your tracking information on it and some valuable links to prepare.
  • Your SoloStrength will be sent directly to your door.  Shipping box sizes are listed under "shipping" tabs on each system.
  • You can view our step by step assembly videos and print instructions from the link provided or under our "customer care" section on site (We haven't ever had a customer not be able to assemble their system so don't worry!).
  • You can view some of the training material under "SpeedFit Training" link on site also, and you will receive full colour training booklet with quick reference sheets, and you also have FREE access to our SpeedFit® Training App!
  • If you want to hear from some of our customers and product review testimonials, we are so proud to have them available for you to view under "Testimonials" Tab on site.
  • And most importantly, we want you to know we are here to help. With every satisfied SoloStrength Customer, we help empower and fuel the awesomeness in another individual/family/facility and that improved "power of one" that we support we know goes out and does even more good things with awesome SoloStrength energy ...for others. To our customers, we have the deepest gratitude to you, for this part we can play.

If you feel you are ready, I want to personally offer you an extra incentive for you to start today.
There won't be any better sales, better offers, or better price options than this (coming in the over hyped holiday sales and buying seasons ahead), this is for you. 

Because the sooner you start.
The sooner you will understand what SoloStrength is all about.
The sooner we get a thank you letter :)

It really is the best time to begin.  I promise.

Go to this link:
Add the particular installation of Ultimate System you feel works best for you, you will be offered some options to consider, and at the checkout, you can use this special coupon for 15% off your entire package.  
This offer won't be found anywhere else, and we work hard to bring you the best package value and price we can.
  1. This special package for you has 25% off Retail Pricing built in Sale Pricing.
  2. Option to have 50% Off Expedited 2 Day Service Delivery
  3. Additional 15% Off your entire order at checkout enter coupon: POWEROFONE
This very special pricing package is going to be valid for you only until this Friday.
You have 3 days to decide and we are here to help with any questions.
What I don't want you to miss it!

Start now and you will already be a SoloStrength SpeedFit CHAMP long before the holidays start :) 💪

Thank you for being part of our community and looking forward to counting you as a customer before long.

With Gratitude,

Michael Bulva
President - SoloStrength Lifestyle Products



188 East Esplanade
North Vancouver BC V7L4Y1

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