-you might want to punch me in the face after this...😫

Email sent: Nov 9, 2019 2:51 pm

Is this your brand on Milled? You can claim it.

Hi -,

When I got up this morning it was both painful and beautiful.

I had the most awesome workout last night and it was not the kind of day I thought I would "get it done". 

...lots of activity, running around to meetings and...traffic.  I felt pretty exhausted.

But I was also feeling tight and strained so when I got in I just rolled up to the bar and stretched and let my body hang a bit...god it felt gooood.

Instantly I started to feel better...but I wasn't feeling ready to get into a workout. 

So I stretched some more. 

Quickly lowered the bar down, pulled back and let my lower back stretch out some more, shoulders, arms, and put my legs up a bit to breathe into the hamstring stretch.  

I thought to myself why not? I was already there now...

I put on the Core15 (minutes) because I wanted to start getting dinner ready soon for my family.

The music came on...

I started with the two legged squats and breathing deeply to get into it...

my heart rate started going, breathing and BOOM!  I'm in

Legs are pumping, core is tightened, breath is deep

What am I feeling? 


Stress is going out, body is feeling good, muscles are engaged, body is sweating...I'm feeling good now

pump set one
drink some water on break
pump set two
towel off
set 3 is where the magic is...SO GOOD!

and here's the TRUTH!
As soon as the last set is done...I feel awesome...


I walk away with a smile, my stress is dissolved into positive movement and energy is now supercharged.  
Side benefits...metabolism is kicked WAY up...body is ready for healthy food, healthy portions, self love that pours over into the rest of the day/night.

But then I wake up...and I feel that awesome feeling of tight muscles, not debilitating but just "ready"...and I smile and it reminds me to keep moving, and do it again. 

Then I feel so inspired to share this feeling, the simplicity and the magic of SoloStrength...and so this is why I'm help YOU to feel it too!

Why would you want to "punch me in the face"?

Well, not that I hope that for real, but it can hurt a little bit, your body will remind you of exactly what condition you are in when you do the SpeedFit workouts and ...if you try to push too much, too will maybe, feel "that feeling" I was talking about, but you will know that you are on the right road and have all the tools to put and keep yourself in great fitness shape and feeling great...and then I hope you will write to me with how much you love your SoloStrength too :) 

If you haven't started yet, please take advantage of this 10% (additional) discount on your package and start today!  Holidays are coming and you will be well on your way to being a SoloStrength Champ by then the sooner you get started.

Use this special coupon today to get this offer:  TODAYONLY


I want you to know that your fitness success and helping you with empowering tools and training is why I'm here.  So please let me know your questions and let SoloStrength help support your best fitness lifestyle success.

Hope to hear your success stories soon...we are here to do it together.

Until then,

Best to your day!

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