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How to Show CPU Meter in System Tray

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How to Show CPU Meter in System Tray
Works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Dear -,

Welcome to the 17th week of Solvusoft’s free Windows tips and tricks. Different computer applications consume different amounts of resources. A lightweight application such as a text editor uses far fewer resources than your browser, while a computer game generally uses even more resources. Once installed, a CPU monitor typically runs in the background on your computer, providing visual information on the amount of memory or other resources currently being consumed by the processes running on your computer. Both Windows and Mac OS X include built-in CPU meters and in this week’s tip we will show you how you can have it displayed in your System tray.

Regular checking of CPU meter can help you identify problems with your PC by showing you what programs or processes are hogging the most resources.

Displaying CPU meter in System Tray

Windows Vista/7

To show the built-in CPU meter (which is a part of the Windows Task Manager) every time you boot or switch users, do the following:
  1. Click on your Start/Windows button at the bottom left and do a search for 'taskmgr.exe'.
  2. Right-click taskmgr.exe and select Send To > Desktop (Create Shortcut).
  3. Right-click on the taskmgr.exe shortcut that is on the desktop and select 'Properties' and Change the Run Command to "minimized."
  4. Now rename the shortcut to "Task Manager" or "CPU Meter", then right-click the shortcut and select 'Cut'.
  5. Click on the Start/Windows button, find the Programs folder and in there you'll find the Start-up folder. Right-click on it, select 'Open all users' and select 'Paste'. You should see the meter in the system tray. If not then:
  6. In the Windows Task Manager window select 'Options' and click "Minimize On Use" and "Hide When Minimized".
  7. Then minimize the Task Manager.

Windows XP
  1. Open your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and then choosing Task Manager. You will see a little CPU meter in your System Tray. Note: You can also open your Task Manager by going to Start> Run and typing "taskmgr" without the quotes.
  2. In your Task Manager, choose Options, then check "Minimize on Use" and "Hide when Minimized."
  3. When your Task Manager is minimized, you won't see it in your taskbar, but you will still see your little CPU meter in the System Tray.
  4. If you put a link to your Task Manager in your startup folder, the Task Manager will start in your System Tray every time you start your computer.

Note: You should be able to find the Task Manager in C:/Windows/System32, or search for "taskmgr" on your system drive.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Secret of Windows. Stay tuned for more!

Talk to you soon,

Jason Grady
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