What Is the Ideal Red Wine for Summer?

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Bright, floral, fruit-forward and can be served chilled!
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Are You Familiar with Beaujolais?

Located in eastern France just below Burgundy, this region makes light, fruity wines which are perfect for serving slightly chilled.

Domaine Montangeron Fleurie

Domaine Montangeron Fleurie

Beaujolais, 2018

100% Gamay

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The Region & Estate

Beaujolais is probably best known for its lively young "Beaujolais Nouveau" wines which are released on the third Thursday of each November. But the region also has a more serious, refined side which can be discovered inside bottles like these from the region's top "Crus" or selected vineyards which have been classified for their exceptional qualities.

Located in the northern part of Beaujolais, Fleurie is one of the region's best-known Crus. It has a reputation for light, perfumed wines made with the Gamay grape which show impressive finesse and elegance.

Domaine Montangeron is a small family-owned estate which has been in the capable hands of Muriel and Frédéric Montangeron since 1996. To ensure the grapes arrive at the winery in optimal condition, everything is hand-harvested and Frédéric insists on picking before the grapes are fully ripe to give greater freshness and balance to his wines.

The Wine & Vinification Process

Fleurie Winemaking

The Montangeron family also prefer to use traditional winemaking methods to craft their wines. When the grapes arrive at the winery they spend 10 to 12 days undergoing a process called "semi-carbonic maceration". Commonly used in the Beaujolais region, this is done by leaving the whole bunches of grapes to start fermenting in a vat filled with carbon dioxide.

After the maceration the juice will be pressed off the skins and will undergo a traditional fermentation process. Although it might sound complicated, this type of vinification is very popular amongst winemakers working with the Gamay grape as it helps to produce soft, smooth wines that often have vibrant fruity aromas and flavors.

This bottle is very typical of the Fleurie style with charming aromas of irises, violets and roses which are complemented by fresh blackcurrant and wild red berries. The light, elegant character makes this an excellent choice to serve alongside French cheeses for your summer picnic, like Maroilles, Epoisses from Burgundy or other orange-skinned soft cheeses.

This fresh, fruity wine is particularly popular with the French and can even be served slightly chilled! We still have a few bottles of this outstanding Fleurie in stock if you want to get your hands on some to enjoy during the hot summer months ahead.

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