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Cat trees, dog beds, bowls, playpens...all at affordable prices!
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A Cat Tree for Fun All Around Are your cats always getting into trouble? It’s because they’re bored! A cat tree with caves, a basket, a furry ball, a higher perch, and sisal posts will keep them amused to their heart’s content. Learn More
A Bowl Stand at Their Height Do your pets get food everywhere when they eat? Maybe their bowl doesn’t fit their needs. A bowl with an elevated, tilt stand will allow them to better enjoy their delicacies while reducing the strain on their neck. Learn More
A Dog Bed for A Sweet Dream Does your dog have trouble sleeping alone in his room? Giving him a soft, fluffy, cosy bed—as soft as your cuddle—is the best way to soothe him and help him drift calmly into sweet dreams. Learn More
A Carrier, Many Journeys Is it too complicated to go on holiday with your furry friend? Not when you have a carrier that makes long trips possible! Enjoy a holiday together on the beach or in the mountains and bring back lots of memories! Learn More
A Playpen for Little Members Are your little guinea pigs running around in circles? Give them a big house so they can stretch their legs as they wish. With 1 floor or 2 floors? 1 stair or 2 stairs? Customise it for more fun! Learn More
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