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One of the reasons we get stuck in a rut is because of the habits we form without even realizing it!
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Change Your Habit,

Change Your Life!

You've heard these words on more than one occasion- especially if you are trying to lose weight. But what about food habits? Chances are if you're eating the same chicken and beef, it's because it has become habit too, or maybe because you're not sure what else to make.

That, my friend, is a habit you can break free from EASILY, starting right now, with this easy and ridiculously delicious recipe for Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli.

Shrimp is often overlooked for many reasons- it can get chewy, it's pretty flavorless by itself and we have visions in our heads of it steamed or boiled and covered in ketchup & horseradish served in a pretty cocktail glass.  

Not anymore! Loaded with protein and low in calories, shrimp makes for FABULOUS Lean and Green meals that will put a smile on your face for sure. Give this one a try!


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You Asked & We Had it Made!

We're always thrilled when we can take a great idea and make it happen! 

Many of you called or emailed and let us know you needed something to help you organize your spices from the top of the container. So, we created an easy, fun way to do just that.

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The #1 Most Important Thing for a Better Body

There are some silver linings coming out of the current crisis- one of them being more time to do THIS easy thing. 

Turns out, it's actually the #1 Most Important Thing you can do to improve your body (your mind and soul will benefit too!) 

And it's not what you may think...

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