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"Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities"
is good and true only if you allow it. 
People may come up to you at the gym and say,
"Can I be honest with you? You won't be ready to compete." 
So what do you do if that comes from your trainer? 
Would you enter the show even if your trainer says you can't be ready? 
To be ready means what - the blow all the competition away? Especially if this is your first show and you are not Pro Level. 
Many trainers have clients wait until the final weeks before a show and break them the news and tell them that they won't be ready and they must wait until the next contest to enter.
Gee Thanks for that... 
I've seen MORE people NEVER make it to the stage many times. 
Many people are insecure about their bodies - even the best fitness models in the world are sometimes very insecure people. 
For some reason some people at the gym like to tell people they won't be ready for a show. Maybe it makes them feel good and they think they are experts?  
I also saw the quote that says, "You can't fix yourself by breaking someone else."
I thought that says a lot about people who tell you that you won't be ready.
Okay they are being HONEST but also shooting down someone else's dream and goals. Keep your opinions to yourself. 
People want to be honest with you and not let you get too upset if you don't win and maybe if you don't place high the trainer might feel you don't represent them and all their diet knowledge. 
Here is my answer to that since only one person can win - FOCUS ON RESULTS.  
Tell people you are "Shooting for a fitness magazine".
Now if people at the gym ask "Are you competing" you answer,
"Sorta but my main focus is my photo shoot with Status Fitness Magazine and how much I can change by body in 12 weeks." 
Trainers sometimes need to get over themselves and this winning thing. 
Not all of them can be "Trainer of Champions" because that trainer can train ONE PERSON
or train a huge group of people for RESULTS and make it all a positive experience. 
To me it is more about what did a person acomplished over the period of 12 or less weeks time. How much did YOU change? 
Do you look WAY BETTER than when you started - great you won!
Results matter. 
Fitness results are hard to get. Look at how many diet books are out and the entire personal training business is based on people wanting to get results that they don't know how to accomplish themselves. 
You could wait, and wait, and wait, and wait until the trainer thinks you will win and guess what you may not ever win. 
Then what? You never do anything... 
I've seen people do only one contest think they could win - plus everyone around them thinks they can win - and what happens? Someone better shows up and they get 2nd or 3rd and are upset. They walk away crying... Incredible body and crying like a little baby. 
Crazy but the insecurities may be from trainers and gym members then they turn into your own. 
You can be on stage at Mohegan Sun - how many times does that happen to anyone? 
Isn't it odd that when people say you won't be ready you feel blah but when people tell you that you look amazing you feel incredible? Mind Games  
Don't allow people to talk you out of it! 

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