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STATE Lately / August 26

Email sent: Aug 26, 2021 4:40pm
Retreat Recap, new pouches, and a UFO
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STATE Lately

Welcome to STATE lately. A weekly-ish delivery of all the latest STATE news. Look here for upcoming launches, glimpses inside the studio, and other thrilling bits and bobs. 

Dang. You all showed up for this last launch and we're so grateful.

I'm not going to lie - running a business without social media is wild. Sometimes it feels like we're at the bottom of a well, heads down making cool stuff but not really sure if anyone will ever see it – and if they do, will they like it?  ALSO, does anyone even know we're down here in this well?! 

Back in the instagram days, we'd share peeks and be in almost constant conversation about what we were working on, how's it going - you know, the glorious echo chamber of the internet.  And, now, it's just so strange to not have that back and forth. It's also scary to have no idea if a project will land and be successful. Honestly, it's a bit terrifying.

Fear aside, it's also nice in some ways. The creative process is starting to feel solitary and personal again, not something that has to be displayed all of the time. It feels like making art when you're a child, it's about the experience and intention, not about the end result. Which, while being a great new feeling, it doesn't pay the bills! So, when we release a collection and it's so loud and clear that you love what we've made, it's the cherry on top. And it makes it all possible. Thank you so much.

We've got some big dreams cooking for the future of STATE, and a week like this makes us feel like We Can (Most Likely) Do It.  :)

Thanks for being here, reading our emails, and having fun when you get dressed everyday.

- Adrienne

In case you were on a Silent Retreat in the desert last week and ignored your email, we launched some new stuff and it's real purdy. This green set is the kind of outfit you slip on and it makes you fall in love with yourself just a little bit more. And, come to think of it, it'd actually be great to wear in silence in the desert. 
Snag one of these pouches before every employee at STATE takes one for themselves. These sold out fast last time, and this restock is even more exciting because we *customized the colors and zippers*. Oh yeah, we did
LOCALS! And people wacky enough to drive here for this... We're having an In-Person Sample and Sidewalk Sale next weekend. It'll feature one-offs, samples, slightly imperfect pieces, and fun goods from the store on deep discount. This will be a totally outdoors event, and masks are required. Can't wait to see half your faces! Saturday, Sept. 4th from 10-2. 
Up Next!

Wondering how our STATE retreat went last week? Well, our sunburns are starting to peel, we've finally caught up on our sleep, and our cheeks are no longer sore from laughing till we cried.  Gather round this here blog post and read all about it. 

Image: the only documentation that exists from our talent show. (Except for the ILLEGAL VIDEO Abby's mom hid behind the stairs to take of Abby's (seriously unreal) talent. Traci! We saw you!) 

Sara (our long-distance graphic designer) is rodeo-ready in Pie Crust Perfect Pants, a thrifted button down, "authentic" cowboy hat, and Sara's mom's old boots (hi mom!). 

One of the things we miss the most about social media is getting to see your Seriously Good Looks all the time. So... send us your pics! We'd love to share it. 

By: Edla, 6

We usually draw a lil' something for the end of these emails, but was inspired this week when Edla (Adrienne's daughter) ran off with the iPad to 'draw her feelings' like she likes to do. Her sketches are always 10X better than anything we draw, and we had the idea to make a space highlighting rad kid art. Send us your favorite kid creations and we'll share them! [email protected]

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We'd be so happy if you did. :) 

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