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STATE of Mind / The New Quiet

Email sent: Apr 10, 2021 9:24am
Life after Social Media :)
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STATE of mind

We're in the middle of a little experiment.  :)

After years of dreaming what it would be like, we left Instagram. A massive move as it was pretty much the only marketing we did. The decision was motivated by a mix of things, mainly the nagging feeling that it just wasn't good for us. We want to feel present in our lives, connect with those right in front of us, and process the news of the moment in our own way. And staring at screens for a significant portion of the day didn't feel in line with those bigger desires. 

So we left. We're not necessarily gone for good – we can always reactivate it. But so far, the experiment feels prrreeetty, pretty good. 

It's weird here on the other side, in no-social-media-land. We're constantly asked by friends, especially other business owners: "How is it going?!, What's it like?" And now, over a week in, I do have some reflections on how it feels so far.  

The best way to explain it is like we had sliding doors in the studio that were always open to a bustling city street. It filled our studio with a cacophony and activity. Positive things like a friend popping in to say hi, seeing someone in a stunning outfit strut by, watching two people hold hands, and the scent of delicious food wafting in, countered by less fun things: honking taxis, litter, people arguing, getting catcalled. The good, the bad, it was all equal volume. And we didn't even notice how distracting it was, how much it impacted our day until we shut the doors.  

Now our studio – and our minds – are much quieter. We can put our heads down and focus on the work we're doing, on the exciting changes we're making to our company and our team. The quiet has opened up, and inside it are so many opportunities to be creative and bold, to use new ways of communicating that feel exciting and in step with how we want to exist in this world.

Businesses need social media. What other way can you constantly get your goods and services in front of so many hungry eyes? And yes, it's terrifying to shut off that connection. But it also feels a little thrilling. Like: how can we continue to reach you, but in more inventive and unexpected ways? It feels like we're exploring a new planet out here, and we're eager to see what we find. 

We're so thankful you're here, reading this email. It means you're along for the ride, and we're so grateful. We have wild and bold plans for the emails we'll be sending you. We want to infuse them with even more creative goodness than we shared on Instagram. And it feels like a very wonderful place to do that. Like we're having a quiet conversation, just us. So, keep checking your inbox – and share them with a friend! We're hiding lots of fun things in each one: product launches, secret sales, behind-the-scenes peeks of what's coming next, and more. 

We'd also like to ask you to tell us what you miss, what else you'd like to see, ways for us to improve. It is a two-way street and we're here to blow your minds. Let us know your wildest dreams and we'll see what we can do. 

Thanks for reading and sharing part of your day with us, 



Have Fun on Your Phone (1.)

A spreadsheet that encourages connection? Sign us up! Made by Marlee Grace, one of our favorite thinkers and makers, it’s a brilliant way to organize and keep track of all the friends, businesses, and organizations you love on social media. If you’ve ever considered taking a break, using a tool like this can help you feel connected and like you’re not missing a thing! Free to download.

Our family has a game where the kids ask Siri to play songs from made up phrases. Like: "Siri, please play “Pink Donut Song”', etc. The other day August (3) asked for "Fire Truck Song" and this gem played. It's been on constant rotation since, and we thought it would start your morning right

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