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The Buzz 5-7-2013

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The Buzz

May 7, 2013

Video Buzz - Welcome Video

It's mid-May and we have a lot to celebrate! We want to welcome all of our New Stylists who signed up during our record-breaking April! Your Sponsor and leadership team is here to help you map out a plan to earn you as many Jump Start rewards as possible, rack up the product credit while you launch your business and even earn a prize level or two with our Glam Getaway incentive! And we have 8 days left for everyone to take advantage or the Double Personal Points period! Check out our tips and training in this week's Buzz, which will not only help you achieve your next prize level but will also fuel your business through May and beyond. Have a great week everyone!

Your Home Office

Celebrating April Success

Congratulations to all our April Promotions! Check out Celebrating YOU for April for a complete list of our achievers!

Visit Celebrating You to see all April Recognition!


Kudos to our NEW Diamond Director Team: Gem Fetales led by Tysh Mefferd!

And her incredible leadership team:

Star Director, Christy Goodman
Senior Director, Ali Santano
Senior Director, Jeanne Poole
Director, Jennifer Sieracki
Director, Julie Lenoard
Director, Lauren Jones
Director, Nikki Collinson
Associate Director, Annette Ultis

Associate Director, Candice Berube
Associate Director, Danielle Granger
Associate Director, Patsy Klein
Associate Director, Stacey Goryl
Star Stylist, Angela Yegyayan – NEW!
Star Stylist, Annette Durrett
Star Stylist, Ashli Smick - NEW!
Star Stylist, Bev Luekemeyer

Star Stylist, Courtney Parham
Star Stylist, Jamie Gonzalez
Star Stylist, Katie Cappozzo
Star Stylist, Becca Schecter
Star Stylist, Sarah Loftus
Star Stylist, Sherry Clark
Star Stylist, Wendy Jones
Star Stylist, Whitney Fields

Congratulations to our 3 new Star Director Teams!

Team Gem Fatales Gemstones: Ruby led by Christy Goodman

And her incredible leadership team:

Team Sparklettes led by Sandy Sloan

And her incredible leadership team:

Team BadaBlings led by Carla Greengrass

And her incredible leadership team:

Associate Director, Angelyn Horrell Associate Director, Erin Rudsenske
Associate Director, Melissa Holliman
Star Stylist, Alison McNeeley
Star Stylist, Allison Castillo
Star Stylist, Amy Browne
Star Stylist, Jennifer Tipton
Star Stylist, Caroline Wall
Star Stylist, Kristyn DeRaffele
Star Stylist, Tara Yukawa

Associate Director, Amanda Marijanovic
Associate Director, Shari Huntington
Star Stylist, Amanda Sawyer
Star Stylist, Amy Silvestrini
Star Stylist, Cheryl Glickman
Star Stylist, Jenn Indra
Star Stylist, Laura Stenovac
Star Stylist, Nicole Bianchi – NEW!
Star Stylist, Riham Jweainat

Director, Alex Orthos
Director, Robin Stocklan
Associate Director, Emma Greengrass
Associate Director, Michelle Allen
Associate Director, Ulana Joslin
Star Stylist, Holly Ash – new!
Star Stylist, Jenifer Thomas
Star Stylist, Lucy McBride – NEW!
Star Stylist, Meg McCluskey

Congratulations to our new Senior Director Teams!

Team Ruby Reds led by Senior Director, Tara Renze

Team Gem Fatales Gemstones:
Team Charmed & Dangerous by Senior Director, Sara Clement

Team Glitterati led by Stacy Williams

Visit Celebrating You to see all April Recognition!

Welcome New Stylists!

Welcome New Stylists

Welcome to your new Stella & Dot business & community. We're thrilled to have you on board and can't wait to watch you soar! Join the Home Office this week for a New Stylist Training, Welcome Call, or a Booking Blitz! See All Training Opportunities Here.

What Can You Do In One Week? Double Personal Points for Glam Getaway!

Congratulations to all of our Glam Getaway achievers to date! You've got one week left of Double Personal Points for Glam Getaway! Check out Robin's Tips for how to book in tight. Find more Stylist Tips on Earning Glam in Glam Getaway!

Second Chance Sampling on Selected Summer Styles!

The Summer Collection has been a runaway success and we wanted to give you a chance to sample our products with the best inventory positions. Plus, the late-to-the-party Blue & Navy Striped Pouf is now available! You can enjoy 50% off your samples of the following gorgeous items now through 11:59PM PT, Friday May 10th:

  • New! SG122NVS Navy & White Striped Pouf
  • B254LB Maya Bracelet - Labradorite
  • B254TU Maya Bracelet - Turquoise
  • B256RG Wanderlust Triple Wrap - Mixed Metal
  • B257GR Wanderlust Single Wrap - Green
  • B257GS Wanderlust Single Wrap - Mixed Metals
  • B257P Wanderlust Single Wrap - Pink
  • N379S Sea Life Charm Necklace
  • SC109RMS Palm Springs Scarf- Red Multi Stripe
  • SC111RDK Palm Springs Scarf- Red Ikat
  • SG120ESK Bring It - Espresso Ikat
  • SG120RDK Bring It - Red Ikat

Learn more about sampling.

Your Toolbox – Easy to find references

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