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The Suitably Memo - July Edition

Email sent: Jul 3, 2020 10:51am
Enter The Suitably Memo: a monthly memo we'll send with tips to unwind and take your mind off of work!
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Happy July and happy almost July 4th!

We're switching up our our regular emails and launching something new.

Enter The Suitably Memo: a monthly newsletter we'll send with tips on the best things for you to do to unwind and take your mind off of work! That means we'll share books to read, mouthwatering recipes to try, shows or movies to binge and of course style inspiration for any socially distant plans you may have.

Happy reading! 

Yours from a distance of 6 feet or more,

The Suitably Team

Ever wonder how Sarah Blakley went from selling fax machines to creating Spanx? Or how Danny Meyer went from building hot dog carts in Madison Square Park to building Shake Shack? Check out NPR's How I Built This. We promise it will soon be your source for entrepreneurial inspiration and give you the go-getter drive you need to get ahead of your day. All episodes are under an hour and never disappoint! 

Looking for your next beach read? Think the Notebook meets Clueless meets Gone Girl. A young Kya Clark continues to grow up alone in the marshes of North Carolina experiencing first friendships and first loves. Little does she expect, however, to become caught up in the midst of the murder of the widely beloved boy next door...Reese Witherspoon still raves about reading this book after selecting it for her esteemed book club! We promise you won't be able to put it down.

Continuing to educate ourselves is one way to become a better advocate for the Black Community, as we can always learn more to grow more. Education through entertainment one way. This Netflix series follows students at a predominantly white Ivy League college and relies on comedy, self-depreciation, irony, and even the brutal truth to highlight social injustices that still plague society today. We have enjoyed this show so much that we binged all three seasons in one week!
A long day of staring at your screen while working from home can definitely be taxing on not only your eyes, but also your mind. We've fallen in love with Melissa Wood's workouts, power flows, and most importantly her guided meditations. Since all meditations are under 30 minutes, we find them to be the perfect transition from the home office to cooking dinner or hanging out with family. You can sign up for her 7 day free trial to get access to these meditations. 

Catch @nenaevans showing us the perfect look for a socially distanced dinner. The contrast of our minimalistic, machine-washable 24/7 Blazer and the white jeans make it an ideal summer look to take you from the home office to weekend ready. Get yours below:

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