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Email sent: Apr 14, 2021 9:00am
Our favorite digestive-supportive tonic is back in powder-form! 


We are so excited to share that our Triphala (in powder form) is back on our shelves and available now on!

Our Triphala powder has been a staple offering from the very beginning and we are so excited to share that it is back and available now from our trusted and wonderful farmers! This digestive tonic is wonderful for those who prefer a powder version of this Ayurvedic staple, aimed to support our digestive health. Triphala may strengthen, cleanse and tonify the Digestive System without stripping essential nutrients from the body.

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A note from Cassie - on the importance of healthy digestion during travel (and always)

“Having suffered with chronic adult acne that stemmed from stress, anxiety and an unhealthy gut, I fell into holistic health and have been in love with my practice ever since. Because I travel often, if I’m not careful, anxiety can creep up and put a damper on my digestive system. So I’m always prioritizing moments to ground myself with light stretches, calming oils and teas and tonics for a gentle detox and constantly encourage clients and loved ones to do the same. I came across Triphala when ordering more Tocos powder from Sun Potion. After I did some research, I thought to myself, “what doesn’t this Ayurvedic herb do?!” I wanted to try it out myself and, since then, it has been in my herbal rotation to ease the effects of travel and overall healing of my digestive system. Triphala’s many contributions to keep our body in homeostasis are absolutely amazing.

Not only does Triphala, which stands for three fruits, have a calming laxative effect that contributes to healthy bowel movements – it’s known for inhibiting cancer cell proliferation, reducing acidity and effects of carbohydrates (blood sugar) in the body and has antibacterial properties used for oral health. Triphala also contains polyphenols that support the accumulation of good bacteria in our microbiome while inhibiting bad ones.”

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