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Goosebumps for SVS Prime Pinnacle Reviewer & Blog Explains Subwoofer Room Gain

Email sent: Nov 5, 2020 5:16pm
Plus, PB-1000 reigns supreme among $500 subwoofers and 7.2.4 SVS featured system.
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In ranking the finest subwoofers under $500, respected home theater site Audioholics gave the SVS PB-1000 its top ranking amidst a competitive field, noting impressive depth and well-roundedness.
Great balance of size, aesthetics, performance, and reliability. It is one of two subs in our list that can dig down to a solid 20Hz… Able to catch much of the very deep bass in modern action and science-fiction movies that other subs in this list would miss.”
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Prime Pinnacle
After causing a physical reaction, SVS Prime Pinnacle speaker earned AVS Forum’s “Top Choice” status and a place among the finest audio products in the world.
“Pristine, detailed sound with an enveloping soundstage that transcends the boundaries of the room and has palpable three-dimensionality. I got chills and goosebumps. No doubt Prime Pinnacle is one of the year top speakers of the year.
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Master Room Gain
One of the unsung benefits of running an SVS “SB” (sealed box) subwoofer is room gain. In short, room gain allows your subwoofer to achieve deeper low frequency extension and greater output by taking advantage of the physical space in a listening room.

In this blog, we describe “acoustically tuned” room gain and how SVS subwoofers leverage it through sophisticated DSP to create a much bigger sound than one would ever expect from such a compact enclosure.
Master Room Gain
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Growing up with a car audio obsession, Doug from our home state of Ohio was left wanting more after auditioning the best soundbars available. He discovered SVS and the Customer Bill of Rights which compelled him to start building  a heart-pounding, head-spinning 7.2.4 home theater with dual SB-3000 subwoofers, Prime Pinnacle speakers and more. Now, he enjoys, “Nightclub or rock venue sound right in my home theater.”
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Immersive Dolby Atmos/DTS:X height effects speakers done the proper, direct radiating way by cinephile @moviecollection80 with SVS Prime Elevation speakers.

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