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Major SVS Product Announcement & Giveaways on this Thursdays SVS Audiophile Happy Hour!

Email sent: Mar 16, 2021 6:06pm
SVS reveals ANOTHER blockbuster new product live to our community.
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Fresh off the sizzling 1000 Pro Series subwoofer launch a few weeks ago, the SVS Audiophile Happy Hour returns with another game-changing new product announcement this Thursday, March 18 at 6p.m. ET, live on the SVS Facebook page and YouTube channel! For the second time in a month, we will reveal the details of a new product live to the SVS community.

Adding to the excitement of the launch will be massive giveaways of multiple products and members of the SVS team, including Chief Designer, Smith Freeman, and Director of Technology, Ed Mullen, joining Gary, Larry, and Nick to share exclusive insights and design stories about the new product you won’t hear anywhere else.

Giveaways for the evening include, an SVS Prime Wireless Powered Speaker System, pair of Prime Elevation speakers, one of the new products being announced, and for the finale, a jaw-dropping 2.1 audiophile speaker system featuring the new product. Leave a comment during the live stream and you’re eligible. Winners announced live on-air.

This announcement will dwarf anything SVS has done before. Be sure to set up notifications on Facebook or YouTube and be ready to tune in this Thursday, March 18, at 6p.m. ET so you don’t miss this historic SVS event!
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A seasoned reviewer from top AV site, Home Theater Review, brought in dual SB-4000 subwoofers to review with a high-end 2-channel and multichannel speaker systems to judge how well they handled low end in a variety of setups.
“Provided a solid, deep bass foundation with both music and movies…Shook and rattled my room with ease, a great multi-purpose subwoofer that balances brawn with finesse. The Goldilocks of subwoofers, hitting the sweet spot of energy, control, size, features and cost.
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The always insightful Tom and Rob from the AV Rant podcast recently hosted SVS president Gary Yacoubian on their show to discuss the new 1000 Pro Series, subwoofer design philosophy, and how SVS has handled the challenges of the pandemic. Check it out for exclusive insights about what’s driving SVS.
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Gamer @carbonitekid shows off his dual SVS subwoofer and Prime Tower speaker system and how he enjoys “Sunday Vibes” with immersive audio.

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