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SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Touted as Soundbar Slayer & Benefits of Dual Subwoofers Blog

Email sent: Jan 8, 2021 3:30pm
Plus, 13-Ultra Subwoofer Amplifier Upgrade installation video
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Known for detailed and critical reviews of the highest-end speakers, popular audio site Positive Feedback reviewed a pair of SVS SB-3000 subwoofers with a variety of demanding music in a 2-channel setup, before proclaiming:
“These subs allowed me to discover low frequency information that let me appreciate compositions in a different way. Because the foundation became more accurate, pronounced, and coherent, the music just made more sense. The SVS subs enhanced my system in terms of soundstage, dynamics, and is the most cost-effective way I know of to transform your monitors or floorstanders into a full-range system.
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Seeking a compact and affordable home theater surround system that would put soundbars to shame, YouTube creators, TwoGuyzTech, put the Prime Satellite 5.1 to the test and discovered just what they were looking for.
“For $999, you can’t go wrong with this system and I guarantee it will blow away any soundbar or home theater in a box you can buy right now. Highly recommend this system to anybody that is on a strict budget but wants a great quality surround sound system.
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Learn About 13-Ultra Upgrade Kit
Based on the incredible response to our 13-Ultra Amplifier Upgrade Kit program, we’re excited to share a new video showing the easy installation process. A brand-new subwoofer experience and massive enhancement to 4000 Series subwoofer performance. Only $399.99.
Here’s what 13-Ultra Amplifier Upgrade Kit users are saying,
“Not only does bass have more extension and punch, the main speakers sound better too. Well produced films sound much more like we're in a real cinema.”
“I finally upgraded both of my 6 year old SB13 Ultra subs. This is a fantastic upgrade that breathed new life into my subwoofers. The convenience of using the app to control my subwoofers is a real plus. The new DSP and amp power upgrade make this worth every penny. Very easy to do, also nice getting a new 5 year warranty on the amps.”
-Marcus D.
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Learn About Going Dual
The SVS Sound Experts detail the acoustic benefits of adding a second (or third or fourth) subwoofer, placement, and more in this informative video and blog post.
Learn About Going Dual
@SVS_Sound Featured Instagram Post
We all unwind after work in a different way. @3dsoundandsecurity uses, “Low frequency relief to finish a long day.”  We couldn’t agree more on his concept of bass therapy.

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