[Important] Swiftpoint Pandemic Update

Email sent: Jun 11, 2021 8:00am
The pandemic has been difficult for us and I have some important news to share with you.




I have some important news to share with you.

Before I begin, I want to extend my thanks for your ongoing support of Swiftpoint. Like many, we’ve had a tough time throughout the pandemic, and it has been the support of our loyal customers that has helped us weather the storm.

No doubt you have heard about supply chain problems affecting manufacturers. Part shortages are having an impact on price and availability, with the cost of some of the components in our mice having risen by over 600%. Our China-based manufacturer has informed us because of these supply chain issues they are no longer able to manufacture our products. With the huge increase in price and lead times, we have come to the conclusion that we are not getting any more Swiftpoint Z or TRACER mice manufactured for the next 18-24 months (at best), or ever again (at worst).

Today we have less than one thousand Swiftpoint Z's and just 2,000 TRACER mice available and with the inability to manufacture more we are going to sell out.


Ever since the Z launched our users have told me that the Z is the best gaming mouse in the world and that they would never use any other mouse, so I wanted to give you the opportunity to get one of the last Swiftpoint Z or TRACER mice before they become permanently unavailable.

If you do wish to purchase another Swiftpoint Z or TRACER, they are currently available on our website or on Amazon.


Many thanks and warm regards,

Mike and the team at Swiftpoint

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