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21 Reasons I Love Spanish

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What’s your reason for speaking Spanish?


I’ve included 21 common reasons below.


Is yours on the list? Or did I miss it? Let me know…


  1. Global Language: Spanish is spoken in 22 countries around the world with access to over 400 million native speakers.
  2. Travel: Speaking Spanish enhances and opens up your travel experiences to new adventures outside of the tourist traps.
  3. Culture: Learn about rich Hispanic cultures, literature, music, and arts from Spain, Latin America, and other Spanish-speaking countries.
  4. Make friends: Make deeper connections with new amigos from next door or around the world.
  5. Boosts Memory: Learning a new language can enhance memory and overall brain function.
  6. Interdisciplinary Learning: Spanish opens doors to learning about history, politics, and socio-economic issues in Spanish-speaking countries.
  7. Broadens Horizons: Gain insights into different ways of thinking and understanding the world.
  8. Deeper Understanding of English: Learning Spanish can improve your understanding of grammar and linguistic structures in general.
  9. Enjoy Media: Watch movies, TV shows, and listen to music in their original language, improving your language comprehension.
  10. Bilingual Advantage: Learning a second language improves cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills…especially as you age.
  11. Empathy: Language learning fosters understanding and empathy for people from different backgrounds.
  12. Travel Independence: Communicate effectively in Spanish-speaking regions without relying on translators or language apps.
  13. Business Relations: Spanish is an asset for international business dealings, especially in Latin America and Spain.
  14. Personal Development: Acquiring a new language boosts confidence and self-esteem.
  15. Career Opportunities: Spanish proficiency is an asset in various job fields and can make you more competitive in the job market.
  16. Family Heritage: Learning Spanish can help you connect with your heritage and ancestors.
  17. Study Abroad: If you choose to study abroad, Spanish-speaking countries offer unique and enriching experiences.
  18. Volunteering: Spanish-speaking skills can be valuable for volunteering in communities where Spanish is prevalent.
  19. Translate For Your Friends: Help your friends communicate in Spanish while impressing the native speakers.
  20. Romance: You could be like me, and get married in a Spanish-speaking country.
  21. Fun: What better reason is there?  Speaking Spanish is fun…especially when you use mnemonics, Instant Spanish words, and patterns you can use right away to speak in flowing Spanish sentences.


When you combine Synergy Verbs, Brick Verbs, and Mortar Words…Spanish falls into place…for anyone at any age.


In fact, with just 138 words, you can make as many as 88,000 phrases.


Surprise yourself with how easily you express yourself in this beautiful language.


Why not find out all the benefits available to you…and enjoy speaking this beautiful language today?


Start speaking today




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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