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9 hours left – Shortcut to Spanish Huge discount

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Just in case you missed my email from earlier today, here it is again.




Today is la última oportunidad (the last chance) to get Shortcut to Spanish, which is normally $39.95 from just $19.95.


10-hours left – Shortcut to Spanish 50% off


At Midnight, Sunday, October 30, the special offer on Shortcut to Spanish ends. Do not miss out! 


If you've ever found or experienced a Spanish textbook made the language daunting or intimidating, fear no more. You can sidestep all the confusion with this radically different approach AND it is easy to follow.


Just like these students, who found success after false starts, you too could soon enjoy speaking Spanish.


"You have taught me Spanish where others have convinced me I would never be able to speak a foreign language. This is the highest praise you could imagine from me. I am extremely grateful to you.


I'm not sure how much I have spent on your lecture materials but I know they are worth at least ten times that amount - you are a genius!"

- Phil Emery - Great Britain


"I have tried several "at home" methods of learning Spanish over a course of several months and was unsuccessful...the lessons did not hold my attention. With your lessons I have started communicating with my Hispanic friends within two weeks. My friends are very proud of me."

- Lisa Clausel - USA


"I am a Military Officer (Army) and I took the course to relate better with my Spanish speaking soldiers and I have learned more from this course than in two college courses."

- Clifton D. Bass, CPT - US ARMY


"I am writing to you to thank you for the absolute best Spanish course around. I recently returned from a two week "intensive Spanish" course in Costa Rica and I've learned more in five hours of your course than I learned in ten four-hour days of their course. The course is fabulous and worth many times more than you charge."

- Bob LaFortune - USA


10=hours left – Shortcut to Spanish 50% off


I can't imagine my life without Spanish. If I had followed the traditional path, I would have missed out on everything I enjoy with the language. The textbooks just did NOT work for me.


You don't have to miss out on anything either. All your Spanish dreams can come true. Start your Spanish journey today from just $19.95. 


10-hours left – Shortcut to Spanish 50% off


Marcus Santamaria 
Spanish Communication Coach
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