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Have you claimed a membership in...


Fearless Fluency Conversations - How to understand more of what your amigos say even when they speak fast


If not, time is running out.


Memberships are only available until midnight Pacific time on Tuesday, June 15.


I will open it again sometime in the future but I’m not sure when and I’m not sure what the future price will be.


Right now, you can lock in a membership for just $10 and gain instant access to:


Invisible Spanish Lessons (35 lessons and growing).  These provide you with a deep understanding of the Spanish that’s normally hidden from English speakers.


Spanish Life Adventures (55 lessons and growing). This section grows your confidence for real life Spanish conversations. You’ll be able to join in next time your amigos chat about love, marriage, health, fitness, travel and more.


Claim your Fearless Fluency Conversations membership  


This unique combination of tools:


  • Opens your ears to Spanish.  
  • Makes you feel at home, not only in face to face conversations…but also group conversations.
  • Gives you renewed freedom and self-assurance with Spanish.
  • Makes Spanish clearer and easier to understand


As these tools open your ears to Spanish, the Spanish world opens to you.


You’re included when your amigos speak naturally among themselves.


You blend into daily Spanish conversations.


You chat easily with the locals.


You can upgrade your lifestyle, enjoy daily adventures and make lots of new amigos.


Go anywhere in the Spanish world with a sense of true freedom and confidence.


Claim your Fearless Fluency Conversations membership




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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