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9 Questions to tap into Magical Spanish

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Maybe you’ve been wondering whether my Three Magic Kinds of Spanish is right for you?


These frequently asked questions will help you make a wise decision…


1. Is this special offer really 62% Off?


Yes, it includes lifetime access to Synergy Spanish, Shortcut to Spanish and Shortcut to Informal Spanish Conversations. All 3 programs come with audio and video lessons.


You also receive Action Guides, Apps and One on One Email Coaching.


If you purchased all 3 video courses separately, it would cost you $177.


Right now you get all 3 Magical Kings for just $67.


Magical Spanish


2. What makes these courses so different?


This unique system makes speaking Spanish in daily life situations easy for anyone at any age. It gives you a flying start. It unlocks 3145 Instant Spanish Words and 88,000 Instant Spanish Phrases that are easy to use right away.


Even better you’ll have Spanish for professional situations and social occasions. Plus, the easy system has you speaking to learn instead of learning to speak. That means you start speaking in flowing sentences from the very first lessons


3. Where can I use this Spanish?


You can speak in Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and the rest of Latin America.


I created the system while living in Mexico, so a few words are more common in Mexico than other countries. I give you the alternative words in the footnotes.


The 3-step Synergy Verbs, Brick Verbs and Mortar Word system is universal. It’ll work for you just as well in Spain as Latin America. You can speak with the 88,000 phrases as you travel in the Spanish speaking world.


4. Will this help me pass an exam?


It will help if the exam is focused on speaking real life Spanish.


However, this program was not designed for most academic exams, because we focus on speaking real life Spanish instead of deep grammatical theory.


5. If the course isn’t right for me, can I get a refund?


Yes, you can try this system for a full 60 days.


If you don’t love speaking Spanish, if you don’t amaze your amigos with your new skills or if you just decide this program is not for you, just let us know via email at [email protected] and you’ll receive a full refund no questions asked.


6. Are there ongoing tuition fees?




You receive full lifetime access to all 3 courses with nothing further to pay.


7. Can I download the lessons?


Yes, you can download all the videos, audios and Action Guides from the online member’s area.


You can also access our Synergy Spanish and Shortcut to Spanish apps. You can download the audio and video lessons onto the apps. That way you can take your Spanish anywhere even if there is no internet connection.


8. What age is this for?


The program is for adults of all ages from 18 to 96 and beyond. Age is not a barrier with this system.


Many of our students are in the 60s, 70s and 80s. In fact, the oldest student who has sent in a testimonial so far is 96.  And I’m looking to beat that one soon!


9. Who is this for?


Anyone who would like to…

  • Enjoy conversing with their Spanish speaking amigos.
  • Relocate or retire to a Spanish speaking country.
  • Have fun while actively learning.
  • Sharpen their minds and keep their brain healthy and young.
  • Do business with Spanish speakers
  • Communicate with Spanish speaking relatives or amigos in their language.
  • Have adventures and explore the Spanish speaking world.
  • Make friends with native Spanish speakers.
  • Speak Spanish this year.


Magical Spanish


If there are any questions that I’ve missed just drop me a line.


You have nothing to lose and a magical new life as a Spanish speaker to gain.


Here is the link to start your new life:


Magical Spanish




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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