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On the first video of the “Spanish life, love and music” series, you were speaking with these kinds of phrases.


me gustaría tocar un instrumento


quiero tocar la guitarra


siempre he querido aprender un instrumento                            


You’ve been speaking-to-learn with the videos.


Those phrases use correct grammar. They are also exactly the type of Spanish a native speaker would use.


Now we are going to make your Spanish even more authentic and clear with adding one little nuance.


In Spanish to say, “I want to learn to play the guitar,” you say,


Quiero aprender a tocar la guitarra.


Notice the “a” between the two verbs


aprender a tocar


This happens in Spanish every time the verb to learn, aprender, follows another verb.


Here are some common everyday examples.


Voy a aprender a hablar español pronto.

I’m going to learn to speak Spanish soon.


Quiero aprender a cocinar bien.

I want to learn to cook well


Si voy a vivir en México necesito aprender a bailar.

If I’m going to live in Mexico, I need to learn to dance


You too can speak with these impressive and flowing Spanish sentences and more. Join Yamil and me in your third video of the “Spanish life, love and music” series by clicking the link below.


Video tres -  “Spanish life, love and music” series
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