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Better than university Spanish for $1

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I specialize in teaching Spanish and making it easy for English speakers. 
If your goal is to become fluent in Spanish as quickly as possible, then you are the person I am speaking to, whether you are 30, 50 or even 90. 
If you’ve been thinking about joining my thousands of successful students, there has never been a better time to get on board. 
Right now, you can trial the first module of my fluency program plus five conversation multipliers, as well as Spanish Ear Training for just $1. 
Better than university Spanish for $1 
Before I became a Spanish teacher, I used to teach English at la Universidad Iberoamericana
Yes, that’s the same university where former Mexican president Vicente Fox got his degree. 
I have heard it’s popular with the kids of wealthy drug lords too. I’m glad I didn’t know that at the time; it would have terrified me if one of the kids had failed. 
Getting this job at the prestigious university was easy. 
The assumption was as a native English speaker, I would be a better English teacher than the other teachers who spoke English as a second language. 
Yet, it turns out I am way better at teaching Spanish than I ever was at teaching English. 
I learned Spanish when I was pushing 40 and I’ve encountered every roadblock that exists. 
From deadly dull textbooks to verb conjugation craziness to grammatical minutia, I’ve suffered it all. 
And I almost gave up too. 
I was so frustrated I actually threw my textbooks in the dumpster out front of my house in Tijuana. 
Fortunately that was the beginning of my journey into Spanish, not the end. 
Well, a new beginning. 
I discovered a better path to quickly communicating in a Spanish-speaking country. It is radically different from the way textbooks are designed to meet national curriculums and classroom environments. 
The first aim of the textbooks isn’t real-life Spanish.
My students simply want to speak effective Spanish on their travels, in the cafes and plazas, and with their amigos. 
The good news, you don’t need those traditional textbooks. 
Once you start speaking to learn instead of learning to speak, anyone can enjoy success in Spanish. 
Even if you have tried before. 
Even if you’re worried that you might be too old to learn. (You’re not!) 
Even if you have negative relatives putting you down. 
You can overcome all the hurdles, just like I did. 
Plus, you’ll get there much faster than I did, because I show you the way in easy sequential steps. 
Discover for yourself just how easy Spanish becomes when you speak to learn instead of learning to speak. 
A buck gets you started.
Marcus Santamaria 
Spanish Communication Coach
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