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I hated my 6th grade teacher Mr. Baker.


He was an evil tyrant!


He used to hit us with the bamboo cane.


And that wasn’t even for bad behavior…It was for bad schoolwork.


Worse, he didn’t aim for the palm of our hands. He lined up the cane with the tips of our fingers.




It felt like the ends of my fingers had been cut off!


But there was no blood, only pain.


!Qué Cabrón! (What a bastard!)


Fortunadamente, things have changed a lot since the seventies.


We know that everyone performs best when they are comfortable.


A little tension may be OK but anxiety shuts us down.


On the other hand, confidence opens up our full abilities.


Often, they are abilities we didn’t even know we had.


We find undiscovered talents for learning.


This is especially true with languages.


We have to get out of our own way.


Not overthink things.


Let our natural talents shine.


The world of Spanish opens up to us.


Speaking becomes a daily joy.


You express yourself with more freedom each day.


The good thing is you get to choose…


You can live in Mr. Baker’s 70s world of torturous textbooks and whooshing bamboo canes….where you toil over academic theory…while you worry and fret over minor mistakes.


Or you can step into the bright new world…where you speak the beautiful Spanish language in comfort…saying more each day…bringing you extra joy, excitement and success every day.


Check out our all-new program that Unlocks Your Spanish Genius…


Bright new Spanish world for you


Free yourself forever from the old school way and discover your genius.


Bright new Spanish world for you




Marcus Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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