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Conquering Spanish and their daughters

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Great things happen when you can "get by" in Spanish.


As you speak with your amigos, you absorb words, phrases and everyday language. You pick up extra language without trying. 



By the way, until September 23  you can fast track getting by, pick up over 80, 000 Spanish phrases and save 50%


Fast track to get by in Spanish and save 50%



I remember I picked up some new Spanish from my Mexican friend, Roberto.


He was excited about a gig his band had in Cafe Sevilla on 5th Avenue in San Diego.


He was keen to sing his salsa music in the USA.


He said the “gringos” were more fun to play for than the Mexicans.


They came for the music and to dance, whereas in Mexico, they just came to “conquistar.”


I’d never heard the verb conquistar used like that before. But the meaning was obvious....


“Lock up your daughters.”


Actually, some of the salsa dancers were more my age….


“Lock up your mothers.”


In conversations, you pick up new ways Spanish speakers use words in daily life.


Like conquistar, which means to conquer but also to seduce, many Spanish verbs have extra meanings.


I’ll show you a couple more verbs with extra conversational meanings that are perfect for anyone who is on the road to speaking Spanish.


Before I do, I just want to remind you, you can celebrate the Independence Day of seven Spanish-speaking countries until September 18 by quickly and easily conquering Spanish.


Click here to experience your independence in Spanish.  


Here’s a verb you might use to describe how you speak Spanish.


defenderse = to defend oneself


As in defending yourself physically, you can also use this verb to express the idea of getting by in Spanish, for example,


Puedo defenderme en español.

I can get by in Spanish.


Me gustaría poder defenderme en español cuanto antes.

I would like to be able to get by in Spanish as soon as possible.


Here’s another handy verb for talking about your expanding Spanish skills.


dominar = to dominate


It also means to master a language.


Me gustaría dominar el español.

I would like to master the Spanish.


Necesito dominar el español porque quiero vivir en Costa Rica.

I need to master the Spanish because I am going to live in Costa Rica.


When you can get by, you automatically acquire extra Spanish just by having conversations.


As you become conversational, effortlessly you pick up more language from your friends, in the shops and during your travels around the Spanish-speaking world.


Synergy Spanish is a fast track to conversational Spanish.


The three-step Synergy Verb, Brick Verb and Mortar Word system is so powerful, you can make as many as 88,000 phrases from just 138 words.


Now is the perfect time for you to defenderse en español with this Synergy Spanish Independence Day offer.


Click here to experience your independence in Spanish.




Marcus “Lock Up Your Mothers” Santamaria

Spanish Communication Coach

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