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Conversational Spanish patterns Part 2

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A few days ago, I gave you an easy Spanish pattern to talk about "what you just did".


If you missed my article, it’s on this blog post.


Conversational Spanish Patterns Part 1


Here’s another Spanish pattern to talk about something you are keen to do.  


All you do is say, “tengo ganas de” plus a verb.

For example:


Tengo ganas de comer.

I am keen to eat.


Tengo ganas de hablar español con mi amigos.

I am keen to speak with Spanish my friends.


Tengo ganas de visitar Madrid.

I am keen to visit Madrid.


Once you’ve picked up this pattern, you can use it with any verb you know. See if you can work these out.


1) Tengo ganas de visitar España.


2) Tengo ganas de hablar más español.


3) Tengo ganas de celebrar el día de la independencia con mis amigos en México.


By the way, this pattern is one of the 25 of the easiest patterns for English speakers to pick up. 


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Here are the answers to the quiz above. How did you do? 


1) I am about to visit Spain.

2) I am about to speak more Spanish.

3) I am about to celebrate Independence Day with my friends in Mexico.


Starting with patterns like these, you’re bound to enjoy speaking Spanish in flowing sentences almost instantly.


Unlock your Spanish genius for just $1 



Marcus Santamaria 
Spanish Communication Coach


P.S. ¿Tienes ganas de hablar español?

Are you keen to speak Spanish?


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